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Two Factors Affected Lash Extensions:Temperature and Humidity

Two Factors Affected Lash Extensions:Temperature and Humidity

The temperature and humidity requirements for eyelash extensions must be taken seriously! I wonder how many lash salons strictly enforce the temperature and humidity when applying eyelash extensions?

Besides the professional technology for lash extensions, the requirement of the seriousness, attitude and recognition also very important for the lash artists.

When applying eyelash extensions, the room temperature should be maintained at 18-28 degrees, with 25 degrees being ideal, and the humidity in the room should be 45%-65%, with about 55% being ideal.

With humidity above 70%, the glue dries faster, but it is not the most ideal result, and the durability and lightness will be worse. Too much humidity tends to breed bacteria, and even eyelashes will tend to breed mites, the glue also will be affected, so you should also avoid too much humidity for hygienic reasons.

If the humidity is too low, the glue will not have enough water, which will lead to a slower drying of the glue and easy adhesion of the eyelashes.

The humidity in the air in the hot area like California is generally higher than that in the East area , even on rainy days, the humidity is higher. We can't change the humidity in the air, but we can adjust the humidity on our lashes!

We can't change the humidity in the air, but we can adjust the humidity on the lashes! The temperature, whether too low or too high, won't be too good for the guests, so even if it's for their comfort, the temperature should be adjusted to a temperature acceptable to their epidermis!

Must remember that the fast drying bonding is in and the humidity in the air (moisture) to produce a polymer body and the ability to produce instant bonding! This is why many eyelash artists say that the same glue suddenly becomes less strong. Conversely, if the humidity is too low because there is not enough moisture to help, the vinyl hardening will slow down.

Using humidifiers is a good way to keep humidity balance if you are located in a dry area. Equipped with a humidifier next to each technician to solve this issue!

Attaching lash extensions are not for everyone. There are some conditions that we don’t suggest to do it.

 1. Double eyelid plastic surgery after the customer, double eyelid plastic surgery there are two ways, one is sewn, one is cut. The sewn ones are not allowed to have eyelash extensions for a week, and the cut ones can only have eyelash extensions after at least two weeks.
2. After myopia surgery and myopia laser customers, it takes at least three months before eyelash extensions can be applied, because the eyes are more sensitive and photophobic after surgery.
3. If you have just done semi-permanent eyeliner, you can't get eyelash extensions in the short term! Semi-permanent eyeliner scars must all fall off before eyelash extensions can be applied.
4. Some people are born with sensitive skin and will react to whatever they use. These people are not suitable for eyelash extensions, so if you want to try it, you must choose anti-allergy glue, sterilized tools and eyelashes for your extensions.
5. Customers with inflamed eyes, such as those with keratitis or conjunctivitis, should ask for clarification.





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