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Budget-friendly Choice: Our loose promade fans come in packages of 1000 fans(+-2%), 8.3 times the amount of the other 12 rows of premade lash fans trays. FADLASH promade fans are the most budget-friendly solution. Thin...
The tape dispenser is light and keeps craft tape or masking tape, memo roll organized. The top of the groove and the bottom of the prominent supporting legs can be superimposed to save space.
The lash tape is made of flexible & super thin polyolefin film and highly moisture-permeable acrylic adhesives, Designed with ventilation holes, Breathable and Skin-friendly, giving you a comfortable feel. The lash tape is a good...
This sticker can help you easier practice eyelash extensions and distinguish eyelashes length. Can be used to isolate and secure the lower lashes, ideal for eyelash extensions. Imported materials, eco-friendly adhesive stickers, accurate positioning. Great...
Essential lash extensions supply for lash extensions training school and lash kits.   How to Use It -Take a tray out.-Fix the tray using double-sided tape(tape not included). -Apply a glue cup, a strip of eyelash extension,...
All the lash extensions tweezers are made from durable Japanese Steel but lightweight. Perfect for both classic & volume eyelash extensions. This tweezers kit comes with a straight tweezer, a volume tweezer for fan making, a 90-degree...
Function:Reduce Puffiness Under Your Eyes - Give you cool treatments at optimal temperatures; Tighten Skin Pores - Roll on the skin after moisturizer to improve the appearance of pores, smooth texture, and brighten skin. How...
Worrying about lash extensions glue being white and not lasting long? You must try this lash extensions super bonder, which is designed to push humidity out of the adhesive surface of the glue. After using the lash...
 Thank you stickers for business use. You will receive 500 stickers, each sticker is (1 inch/25mm) in diameter.  high-quality adhesives, they won’t easily fall off easily and will last a long time.
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