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 Thank you stickers for business use. You will receive 500 stickers, each sticker is (1 inch/25mm) in diameter.  high-quality adhesives, they won’t easily fall off easily and will last a long time.
Eyelash Extension Neck Pillow Set With Acrylic Shelf Organizer Stand Eyelash Curve Pillow Neck Contour Pillow Beauty Salon Pillow support the head, guide the cervical vertebra. this contour pillow is used for neck support and pain...
Professional Stretchable Bed Cover for Lash Salon, Soft and Super Lightweight Professional Stretchable bed cover. specially designed to fit a range of beauty/lash salon beds, the cover is designed with a stretchy material to fit over...
60 pcs non-woven disposable sheets. Suitable for most brands of salon tables. Disposable, lightweight and foldable, and easy to use. Disposable design can effectively avoid the possibility of cross-contamination, can effectively prevent leakage, and keep...
Durable & comfortable. Ideal for home and business. Adjustable neck. Black ties. Professionally hemmed edges.
Excellent Water Absorbent – The dental bibs are easy to soak up moisture, ink, and liquids to prevent them from transferring to clothing or skin, the poly film provides a great water-resistance layer, these paper...
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