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0.1mm Pre-Fanned Volume Lashes - Fadlash 0.1mm Pre-Fanned Volume Lashes - Fadlash
About the product Specifications: volume lash extensions premade fans, 12lines per tray Material: high-quality PBT silk, soft, lightweight, and hypoallergenic volume eyelash extensions. Premade fans save time. Skill: using the tweezer to clip the position...
Private Label - Fadlash
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$15.00 $29.99
Private Label Customized Just For You Private Label Are Available OEM/ODM Eyelash Extensions Packaging/Box/Background Card False Lashes Packaging Please send us your logo when you complete your purchase, we'll show you the sample design❤  ...
Fadlash premade volume eyelash extensions are made of high-quality Korean silk. So soft, light and comfortable. The matte color will give you a natural-looking. Perfect for making Russian volume fuller look set. ✔Easy to remove:...
Pre Fan Lashes Bulk Order - Fadlash
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$35.50 $49.95
About the product 5 trays pre fan lashes    p.s. Random Delivery ❤  random curl, length and thickness
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