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Fadlash YY lash extensions also called 2D volume lashes. New fashion YY volume lashes, which offer you a natural cross effect. Made of high-grade fiber, soft&close to mink hair. It's totally cruelty-free and 100% vegan. Only...
About the product Specifications: volume lash extensions premade fans, 12lines per tray Material: high-quality PBT silk, soft, lightweight, and hypoallergenic volume eyelash extensions. Premade fans save time. Skill: using the tweezer to clip the position...
Private Label - Fadlash
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Private Label Customized Just For You Private Label Are Available OEM/ODM Eyelash Extensions Packaging/Box/Background Card False Lashes Packaging Please send us your logo when you complete your purchase, we'll show you the sample design❤  ...
Fadlash premade volume eyelash extensions are made of high-quality Korean silk. So soft, light and comfortable. The matte color will give you a natural-looking. Perfect for making Russian volume fuller look set. ✔Easy to remove:...
320 Fans Large Tray 5D Premade Volume Lash Extensions - Fadlash 320 Fans Large Tray 5D Premade Volume Lash Extensions - Fadlash
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Fadlash 16 rows large tray premade volume wide fan lashes 0.07 5D long stem Russian volume eyelash extensions. 320 fans & stable curl p.s. *presale* This product will be shipped in 2-4 weeks 
Pre Fan Lashes Bulk Order - Fadlash
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About the product 5 trays pre fan lashes    p.s. Random Delivery ❤  random curl, length and thickness
Budget-friendly Choice: Our loose promade fans come in packages of 1000 fans(+-2%), 8.3 times the amount of the other 12 rows of premade lash fans trays. FADLASH promade fans are the most budget-friendly solution. Thin...
Colored Premade Fan Lashes - Fadlash Colored Premade Fan Lashes - Fadlash
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They are made of high-quality fiber, soft, and 100% vegan. Perfect for professional, makeup salon, cosmetic school, makeup artist and personal home use, etc Our lashes are closest to nature eyelashes, very soft and light,...
Fadlash is proud to present our exciting new line of special edition Butterfly Volume Fans, an exquisite innovation, brand new to the industry. Bring these "Butterfly" style premade lash fans to your salon. It will become a new...
BIG NEWS: It took our R&D Department 2 years to produce the new pointy-based type and we are the only ones who can produce this type.   Best premade lashes on the earth, you can see the base...
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