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8 Things to Take Care of Your Eyelash Extensions②

8 Things to Take Care of Your Eyelash Extensions②

Let’s move on to the next five points.

 Eyelash extensions must pay attention to 4: It is not recommended to use mascara

The eyelash extensions are basically long enough to be curled and long, so mascara is not needed or recommended, except that the general mascara contains oil, which easily affects the adhesive adhesion of the eyelash extensions, and it is also easy to pull when removing the mascara so the eyelashes and cause the eyelashes to fall off! Avoid using all waterproof products on the face.

Besides mascara, waterproof facial sunscreen spray also not recommended. The reason is the same, the glue may dissolved when apply waterproof products.


Eyelash extensions must pay attention to 5: Do not touch the eyelashes with water exceeding 40 degrees

Generally, the eyelashes should not touch the water for at least 6-7 hours after the eyelash extension. The eyelash artist also recommends not go to the sauna or contact with overheated water within 2 days, so that the glue of the eyelashes can be more stable. In fact, except for a few days after the eyelash extension, try not to let the eyelashes touch the water exceeding 40 degrees. Overheated water can easily cause the glue to dissolve and fall off, and it may also deform the artificial fiber of the eyelash extension!


Eyelash extensions must pay attention to 6: Get rid of the habit of rubbing your eyes

Modern people are prone to overuse of computers and mobile phones, so the eyes are easy to dry and itchy. Usually, you may be used to rubbing it soothingly, but after the eyelashes are attached, you must quit the habit of rubbing your eyes! Originally, real eyelashes tend to fall off due to external rubbing, but the false eyelashes grafted on real eyelashes are actually more fragile and easier to fall off when rubbed. If you always touch your eyes, use a lash brush to comb your lashes instead. Brush lashes every day is a good habit to keep your lashes longer and healthy.


Eyelash extensions must pay attention to 7: eyelashes will fall off every day

Many newbies who are doing eyelash extensions for the first time are very nervous because of the single-digit eyelashes that fall out within a day or two. In fact, eyelashes fall off every day, especially for some people's real eyelashes. Too stimulating, as long as there are no more than 10 drops within 1~2 days, it is considered a normal body metabolism phenomenon!


Eyelash extensions must pay attention to 8: attaching lash extensions at most once a month

Some people don't like the feeling of gaps appearing after the eyelashes fall off, so they constantly pursue the perfect state of adding eyelashes after the eyelashes fall, but the natural growth rate of eyelashes is actually very limited. It is recommended to add eyelashes at most once a month. Good, otherwise the eyelashes may cause irreversible permanent damage if damaged!


The better you take care of them – the longer they will last!

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