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8 Things to Take Care of Your Eyelash Extensions

8 Things to Take Care of Your Eyelash Extensions

In recent years, more and more people have begun to join the ranks of growing eyelashes and eyelash extensions. After applying eyelash extensions, the time for makeup and removing mascara can be saved every day, and when you go out, you can simply brush your teeth, wash your face, and change clothes. You don’t need to add eye makeup to make your eyes look amazing. Do you want to try it too? But in fact, there are many points that must be paid attention to in order to maintain the life of the eyelash extensions, so that the perfection of the eyelashes after attaching can be maintained for at least 1 month!


Usually, we recommend refill the lash extensions after two to four weeks, you should come back for a refill around the second week. During this period, not a lot of your lashes will shed, and they will be easy to refill it.


This article organizes 8 things that you must pay attention to in eyelash extensions maintenance if you want to extend and grow eyelashes. If you want to maintain the life of eyelashes, you must pay attention! Below are the 8 things you must pay attention to after doing eyelash extensions, which will keep your lashes last longer.


Eyelash extensions must pay attention to 1: Do not use cleansing oil

Eyelash extensions are usually attached with glue, and the commonly used makeup remover "cleansing oil" is actually a killer for removing glue! So after eyelash extensions, the first thing is to pay attention to "don't use" eye and lip makeup remover and makeup remover that contain oil, try to use oil-free products to remove makeup, so that the life of the eyelashes can last longer without falling!


Eyelash extensions must pay attention to 2: incorrect use and cleaning of eyelash curlers

Generally, the curling degree of the eyelashes just after the extension will be worse than after half a month, but if you do not have the problem of inserting the eyelashes into the eyes, it is recommended to use less eyelash curlers, because the eyelashes are actually very fragile, and it is easy to pull too much, the lashes will fall. If the eyelashes are too slumped and really must be used, remember not to use it more than three times a week, and carefully clean the rubber strip on the eyelash curler, so that the eyelashes will not fall out in a few days!


Eyelash extensions must pay attention to 3: Suspend the use of eyelash growth serum

The principle of eyelash extension is to graft about 0.1mm at the root of the original real eyelashes, so when you use eyelash growth liquid, it is very likely that the eyelashes will grow slightly and the load-bearing position will change, causing the eyelashes to collapse, seriously or even fall off. Problem; In addition, eyelash growth liquid is generally recommended to be applied to the root of the eyelashes, and it is also easy to cause the newly attached eyelashes to fall off due to improper operation.



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