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Eyelash Extensions FAQ 101 (2)

Eyelash Extensions FAQ 101 (2)

Q7: How to apply eye makeup after attaching eyelash extensions?

Eye shadow can be painted as usual, eyeliner is not essential.

In fact, after the eyelashes are attached, it does not affect the eye makeup; just continue the original makeup habit. However, because the eyelashes will become very thick and have the effect of invisible eyeliner, so the steps of inner eyeliner can be omitted, so that the subsequent cleaning will be simpler and will not damage the eyelashes that have been attached.


Q8: How to remove makeup so as not to damage the attached eyelashes?

Just choose a makeup remover.

Oil molecules are small, and it is easy to dissolve the glue on the eyelashes, causing the eyelashes to fall off early. If you choose a makeup remover, you will not worry about it. But it should be noted that when removing, you should apply it first, and then wipe it off in the direction. Remember not to rub it back and forth, so that you can easily remove eye makeup, and you are not afraid of hurting the attached eyelashes.


Q9: Can single eyelid, inner double eyelid and bubble eye also have eyelash extensions?


There is a type of eyelashes called the LC type that is specifically designed for this type of eye. The roots of this kind of eyelashes are a bit at right angles, and the outer corners of the eyelashes are turned inward, which can well avoid the problem of the original eyes.


Q10: Will exercising and sweating cause the attached eyelashes to fall out quickly?

Not really.

The durability of eyelashes is directly related to the technique of the eyelash artist. A good eyelash artist can definitely graft the eyelashes naturally and firmly without affecting the health of their own eyelashes.


Q11: How to extend the effect of eyelash extensions?

Enhance maintenance with eyelash growth serum or use lash primer, lash super bonder before attaching lash extensions.

Before applying lashes, some lash artists will use lash shampoo to clean the lashes, which will remove dust and makeup residue, then use lash primer and super bonder make the lash extensions glue sticker. At night, you can use eyelash growth liquid to draw on the root of the eyelashes to help the original eyelashes become stronger and less likely to fall out, and the attached eyelashes can naturally last longer.


Q12: Is there any difference in the curl of eyelashes?

There are two most common types, C curl and D curl.

C curl: C curl is the closest to the real eyelashes, very natural, can extend the length of their own eyelashes, suitable for girls who want long eyelashes and do not wear makeup often.

D curl: There is an obvious curvature, which is the most popular curl, making the eyes brighter and more energetic, suitable for girls who want to have electric eye effects.

Other curl like B/J/CC/DD/L: Not usual of all types, if you prefer a special look or bottom lash extensions, those are the best choice.

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