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Eyelash Extensions FAQ 101 (1)

Eyelash Extensions FAQ 101 (1)

Q1: How select lash extensions type?

Choose a look then choose the length and thickness

Different type of eyelashes can make the eye shape show different effects. Before attaching eyelash extensions, it is best to pick out the style based on your eye shape, and communicate with the eyelashes artist on the spot. If you have the habit of wearing glasses on weekdays, you should consider the length and curling of your eyelashes to avoid getting stuck on the lenses.


Q2: Will it hurt the real eyelashes?

Usually, one real lash is only connected to one lash extensions, and it is OK just not to be "overweight".

The most important principle of eyelash extensions is that only one false eyelash is attached to a real eyelash. In this way, the real eyelashes will not be broken due to excessive weight, and the eyelashes cannot be directly attached to the root of the eyelashes when they are attached, and a distance of about 0.5mm will not stimulate the hair follicles, cause sensitivity or hinder the growth of eyelashes.


Q3: How long does an eyelash extension last?

You need to refill it after 2-4 weeks.

Eyelash extensions stick to the real eyelashes, so they will fall off with the growth cycle of the eyelashes (about two months). It is normal to lose 3 to 4 lashes every day. Usually, half of them will fall off after a month, and they can be replaced.


Q4: The more put lashes, the better?

According to the amount of natural eyelashes, about 120 to 140 are the best.

The average person's natural eyelashes are about 120~140, because a real eyelash can only be attached to one false eyelash, and the new softer eyelashes cannot be attached to the false eyelashes. Controlled within this range, the effect of the connection is the best and looks natural. If the number exceeds, it is easy to cause the original eyelashes to break.


Q5: How to choose the raw material of lash extensions?

We recommend Fadlash Korean PBT silk lashes.

Because all Fadlash lashes are 100% vegan and cruelty free, we never use real mink lashes. The silk protein is artificial fiber, which is more soft, fluffy and light. Besides, eyelash artists believe that that material of the eyelashes is the most easy to create looks and the most important thing is easy to use. Actually no matter what material use, the key is the technical of lash artists. It is not possible to blindly pursue the effect and over-connect, nor directly touch the roots of the eyelashes.


Q6: What should I do if the attached eyelashes are messed up?

Just comb it with an eyelash brushes.

Usually wake up after a night of sleep, after rolling all night, the received eyelashes will become particularly messy. At this time, you can use an eyelash brush to comb the eyelashes in one direction, so that the eyelashes can be restored to their original order. Brush your lashes gently everyday is a good habit, which make your lashes healthier.