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A Complete Steps of Attaching Lash Extensions

A Complete Steps of Attaching Lash Extensions

Let’s talk about the detail process of applying eyelash extensions.


First, mask is essential. First of all, the eyelashes artist's clothing should be neatly dressed, which can be replaced by tooling. Long hair must be tied up to prevent it from hitting the customer's face. Masks must be worn. When we communicate with customers, we should prevent saliva from splashing, and secondly, prevent the breath from hitting the freshly prepared eyelashes, otherwise, the place with glue at the root of the eyelashes will turn white.


Second, prepare lash extensions tools earlier. Before operating it for the customer, the eyelash artist must prepare the tools needed in advance, put it in a trolley or an eyelash box, and put it in a place where the eyelash artist can easily get it. It is forbidden to get up and leave to take things during the operation for customers.


Third, disinfect. After the customer lies down, we put the forehead pad on the customer's forehead, and are sure to cover the customer's eyebrows. The function of the patch is to cover the customer's forehead and prevent direct contact with the customer's skin. Before the official operation, the eyelash artist should first disinfect the hands with a professional hand sanitizer, and then disinfect the tools. During the disinfection process, the customer will wait for a while, so the eyelash artist can inform the customer that the hands and tools are being disinfected, making the customer feel that the store is more professional.


Fourth, clean lashes. If the customer comes with eye makeup, the eyelash artist must first remove the customer's makeup, and the makeup must be removed with an oil-free makeup remover, such as makeup remover or cotton pads. After removing the makeup, start cleaning the lashes. When cleaning, moisten a dust-free cotton pad with eyelash cleaning solution, and gently wipe the oil and dust from the root of the eyelashes and the skin. Because the cleaning solution contains a certain amount of water, it must be dried with a hair dryer after wiping.


Fifth, apply eye pad and brush lashes. After cleaning, separate the customer's upper and lower lashes with an eye patch. Be sure to completely cover the lower lashes to prevent the customer's lashes from sticking up and down. After applying the eye stickers, use the lash comb to straighten your lashes.


Sixth, picking lashes and attaching. According to the length of the customer's eyelashes, choose false eyelashes that are about 1/3 longer than the customer's own eyelashes. Before doing lash extensions, use eyelash treatment solution to treat false eyelashes first, and then start grafting. There are several points for grafting; the roots cannot be raised, each false eyelash is connected to a real eyelash, and the glue for false eyelashes is the whole root. 1/3 of the eyelashes are placed on the left and right sides of the real eyelashes, 0.3~0.5mm away from the skin. After grafting, keep a certain distance from the next eyelash to be grafted to avoid mutual adhesion.


Last, check and blow dry. After the lash extension is completed, the eyelashes artist must first check whether the shape of the two eyes is the same and whether the number of roots is the same.

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