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How to Attaching Bottom Lash Extensions

How to Attaching Bottom Lash Extensions

According to statistics, people have an average of 80~210 upper eyelashes with a length of about 6~12mm, while the average lower eyelashes are only half the number of upper eyelashes, about 50~70, and the length is only 5~6mm, so the lower eyelashes are only 5~6mm in length. It is often ignored by everyone. When attaching eyelashes, you choose to attach only the upper eyelashes, focusing on the magnification effect brought by the upper eyelashes, but in fact, if you attach and lower eyelashes at the same time, the eye magnification effect will be more obvious and more beautiful.


People who are not suitable for applying bottom eyelashes:

  1. The bottom eyelashes grow in reverse, because human eyelashes may touch the cornea, so grafting is not recommended.
  2. When there is no lower eyelash or the number of lower eyelashes is very small.
  3. If the gap between the bottom eyelashes is too large, it will appear abrupt after grafting. It is not recommended to graft if the number of grafts is less than 5.
  4. When it is impossible to graft 0.5mm-1mm away from the root, grafting is not recommended.
  5. The lower eyelashes are too thin and white, which may affect the growth of eyelashes. Grafting is not recommended.


How to select the length for bottom lash extensions?

If you usually go out with light makeup and plain makeup, or you usually select classic eyelash extensions look, and pursue a fresh look with clear eyelashes. The length, such as 3mm at the head of the eye, 5mm in the middle of the eye, and 4mm at the end of the eye, and match the number of eyes with about 20, the curl is J-shaped, so that you can have natural long lower eyelashes, not only natural and good-looking, according to Discuss the different eye shapes and personal needs with the eyelashes artist, and choose the right eyelash extensions for you!


If you like heavy makeup, European and American makeup styles, or you often choose thick and drama eyelash extensions, and mega volume set is your favorite, it is recommended that you can use camellia models for your lower eyelashes, and mix and match 7mm and 8mm lengths , a total of about 30~40 eyelashes are connected to both eyes, and J-shaped false eyelashes are selected, which can create the effect of brushing mascara, make the eyes look significantly enlarged, and indirectly achieve the visual effect of a thin face, even without makeup.


Will there be any discomfort when applying bottom lash extensions?

Actually not, the feeling of taking eyelashes is the same! The general order of attaching is to attach the upper eyelashes first and then the bottom eyelashes. If the upper eyelashes are too long and the lower eyelashes are affected, the eyelashes artist will ask you to open your eyes slightly, but in the case of the professional eyelashes extending the eyelashes normally, the grafted person will not have any discomfort, if there is any discomfort, you should immediately report to the eyelashes artist.

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