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The Way to Maintenance Eyelash Extensions

The Way to Maintenance Eyelash Extensions

The proper way to take care of your eyelash extension is the key to maintenance lash extensions, which is why the eyelashes artist will teach you how to maintain after applying eyelashes in the eyelash salon, but you know how to wash your face, how to remove eye makeup and how to apply eye makeup? How can I make the eyelashes curl and curl like when they are finished, and can they last longer without falling off? Let’s talk more about it.


How to apply eye makeup with eyelash extensions?

Eyebrows and eye shadow is the key!

One of the great advantages of eyelash extensions is that it saves you the time of daily makeup; but how to apply eye makeup after eyelash extensions, so as to save time and make the finishing touch? In fact, it is very simple. The thick eyelashes after eyelash extension make you do not have to spend a lot of time on the eye makeup part when you make up, but the makeup of the eyebrows becomes very important!

In addition, eye shadow makeup is also necessary, but the eyelashes have already developed concentration, it is not suitable to use brown or earthy color eye shadow at this time. Using a light color like coral color as a base will make your eye makeup more natural and brighter eyes, and finally use eye shadow with bright powder effect on the folded place of the double eyelid, which can better highlight the effect of eyelashes and make the eyes brighter.


How to remove eye makeup with eyelash extensions?

Oil-free makeup remover is a little helper

Regardless of whether you have mega volume-style eyelashes or classic-style eyelashes, you must remember to use an "oil-free" makeup remover when removing eye makeup after eyelash extensions. In addition to cotton pads and makeup remover, you can also remove makeup. Prepare cotton swabs to help remove makeup!

At first, remove makeup with a makeup remover, just like removing eye makeup, but remember the rubbing direction to wipe from top to bottom, do not rub from left to right, because it will easily cause eyelashes to break, then use a cotton swab to remove makeup Water removes the residual makeup left in the crevice of the eyelashes, such as inner eyeliner, which is more difficult to remove, can also be removed in this way.


How to wash your face with eyelash extensions?

Do not use a towel to wipe your face

After removing makeup, you need to clean and wash your face, but after the eyelashes are attached, never wipe your face with a towel after washing your face, because it is easy to hook the eyelashes and cause pulling and breaking! It is recommended to use an absorbent sponge for face washing. Holding water when washing your face will reduce the chance of eyelashes breaking compared to splashing water or washing your face in the shower. Wipe with an absorbent sponge after washing, because the fibers of the sponge are thinner and less likely to break. It tugs on the eyelashes causing pulling.




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