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Apply Eyelash Extensions at Home

Apply Eyelash Extensions at Home

I’ve been looking so many people doing lash extensions by themselves; I was inspired to write this article. It seems that I really need to make an effort to share more knowledge about eyelash extensions and even the risk factors behind apply eyelash extensions at home. People spend hundreds of dollars each time they think it's expensive to go out and get eyelash extensions, and then they see an ad and think it's better to do it themselves, plus beauty salons are now closed and people can't resist (I get it).

First of all, I personally don't recommend attach eyelash extensions by yourself, but if you are really interested in DIY eyelash extensions, take some time to understand the problems you will encounter and calmly think about whether you can take the risk yourself before making a decision (don't get carried away by advertisements). If you have no idea about eyelashes or how to apply eyelash extensions, keep reading.  

There is a chance that some of the knowledge below will be duplicated, but it is important to keep reminding people.

Stability of the hand
Eyelash extensions are a very delicate task and hand stability is very important. The tweezers used have very sharp tips and there is a chance of injury to the eye if there is a shock or poor control.

Isolation when doing lash extensions
Unstable hands can lead to uneven attaching distances, resulting in uneven results and a lack of aesthetic appeal. However, it can also lead to accidents - a wrong extension on the eyelid can lead to damage or necrosis of the eyelash follicle, which can cause skin irritation, or the extensions can be too far from the root, causing the real lashes to move with the false lashes as they grow outward, which can cause the real lashes to become overloaded and break.

Accuracy of extensions
Everyone has different eyelash conditions, some people have thicker and darker eyelashes that are easy to see, while others have very young and short eyelashes that are difficult to see from the eyelash artist's point of view, and it is difficult to separate every single hair with a small amount of eyesight. Some of the newborn lashes are translucent.

The choice of lash extensions’ type
The choice of eyelashes is divided into single and blossoming, which I would like to discuss in the next blog. We need to understand our own eyelash conditions and the weight-bearing problem of eyelashes, as real eyelashes can be too heavy and hurtful. It's not about what style of eyelashes you want; it's about what style of false eyelashes are suitable for your eyelashes. Make sure you know which eyelash extensions are suitable for your eyelashes and which ones are only suitable for makeup.

Lash extensions adhesive
Even the gentlest of eyelash extensions can have serious consequences if you accidentally get them in your eyes. Too much glue can overload the real eyelashes, which can easily stick to the young eyelashes next to them, causing damage to the real eyelashes and their follicles. Make sure to check with the store or store offering the DIY eyelash course to find out what to look for and what to do in case of an accident.

Above all, think carefully apply lash extensions by yourself.

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