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How the Eyelash Extensions Applied

How the Eyelash Extensions Applied

How to apply the lash extensions in a right place is the most asked questions for a newbie lash artists. This step is one of the most important factor to depends on how long will the lash extensions keep.

Extensions must be placed along the natural eyelash, 0.5mm-0.1mm away from the skin along the lash line. If the extensions are not correctly placed at the distance required, this can result in two issues. First, you will be too far out along the natural lash, leaving a visible gap. This will make it look like the client has had 2 – 3 weeks of lash growth and they are requiring in fills. (from graft a lash)

They should not be attached at the root of the eyelid, as this can damage the hair follicle. In general, the eyelash artist will put the eye pad on the eyelid to prevent staining of the eyelashes and skin, and then attach a false eyelash to a real eyelash at a distance of one to two millimeters from the root of the eyelash, without direct contact with the skin, which is non-sensitive and will not cause any burden to your own eyelashes. In order to prevent allergies, professional eyelash extensions artists will conduct a small test with special glue for sensitive customers, and only after passing the test can the extensions be applied. There are many types of eyelash materials on the market, and we recommend using mink hair and premium ice silk, which are softer, lighter, relatively realistic and cost-effective. The type of extensions depends on the look you prefer, usually the classic lash extensions, also called individual lashes are the most natural one. The mega volume is for the drama look. Do not apply mascara, do not draw eyeliner or perm your eyelashes before the extensions are applied, and do not touch water for 4 to 6 hours after the extensions are applied. Generally, eyelash extensions can stay in place for about 4-6 weeks. Our body's real eyelashes have a growth cycle and also shed naturally. Generally speaking, the growth cycle of the upper eyelashes is about 2 months, while the lower eyelashes are shorter, at about 15 days.

Usually the lash artist put the extensions to the upper part of your own eyelashes. If false eyelash extensions are placed underneath the real eyelashes, the glue at the root of the false eyelashes will be closer to the eyeball and mucous membranes during the extension process, making it more dangerous to the eye if you are not careful. Furthermore, if you put false eyelash extensions on top of real eyelashes, if the root of the eyelash rises, when you rub your eyes or sleep on your stomach, the root of the false eyelash will at most poke your eyelid, causing discomfort to your eyelid or the root of your eyelashes. If false eyelash extensions are placed underneath the real eyelashes, and the eyelashes become curled up, the curled up false eyelashes will poke at the eyes, and if the eyeballs are scratched, small wounds may appear and cause eye infections.


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