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Eyelash Extensions Applying Tips

Eyelash Extensions Applying Tips

Expanded information: Select your eye shape first before applying lash extensions, and then choose eyelashes of different lengths and thicknesses to give a different look. It's best to refer to your gallery and pick out your favorite shape before applying eyelash extensions, and then communicate with your eyelash artist on the spot.


If you wear glasses on a regular basis, take into account the length and curl of your eyelashes so that they don't get stuck in your lenses. You need to get a refill once a month or so. Eyelash extensions are glued to real eyelashes, so they will fall off with the growth cycle of the eyelashes (about two months). It is normal to lose 3 to 4 lashes per day, and usually half of them will fall off after a month, so you can get a new one.


There are no real mink lash extensions in the market. Silk lashes it is similar in composition to our own eyelashes, so the looking is more natural. Mink lashes only have one thickness thus there’s less option for that. However, eyelash artists believe that the material of the eyelashes does not have much influence on the makeup effect, but the most important thing is the technique of extensions, not just to pursue the effect and super extensions, but also not to directly touch the roots of the eyelashes, so that they will be natural and long-lasting. When you wake up after a good night's sleep, your eyelash extensions will be messy, so you can use a brush with a tooth comb to comb your eyelashes in one direction to restore them to their original neatness. It is important to be gentle so that the lashes do not fall out.


The extensions are placed on top of the real eyelashes, not underneath them, as they can easily get into your eyes. Eyelash extensions are glued 0.5mm from the root of the eyelashes and artificial false eyelashes are attached at 0.5mm so that the glue does not irritate the eyelashes by touching the roots of the eyelashes, nor does it cause hair follicle sensitivity or prevent the normal growth of the original eyelashes. The most important rule of eyelash extensions is that only one false lash is attached to one real lash. This will not cause the real eyelashes to break due to excessive weight, and the extensions should not be glued directly to the root of the eyelashes, leaving a distance of at least 0.5mm in order not to stimulate the hair follicle.


Eyelash extensions aftercare:

1. Don’t get frequent eyelash extensions although eyelash extensions make your eyes look bigger and more lively, frequent attaching eyelash extensions will make your own eyelashes increasingly sparse and vulnerable. 
3. Brush your lashes everyday. 
2. Don’t wear mascara, which will not only make the eyelashes like fly legs, but also make the fragile eyelashes stained with heavy cream, so that unloading the makeup back to not only clean and will also accidentally pull off several innocent new eyelashes.


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