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The Correct Way To Use Lash Remover

The Correct Way To Use Lash Remover

How to remove lash extensions correctly? Why is it so difficult to remove eyelashes? What if the guests always feel that removing eyelashes is irritating? Let’s learn how to remove eyelashes extensions in right way.

Step 1:

Use the eyelash removal pad to stick to the lower eyelashes, isolate the upper and lower eyelashes and the skin, protect the eyelids from touching the glue removal cream, and prevent the lash remover from entering the eyes.

Step 2:

Dip an appropriate amount of lash remover with a micro brush, and evenly apply it on the joints of the real and false eyelashes to avoid contact with the skin and keep a certain safe distance.

Step 3:

Wait for about 3 minutes. When the eyelash glue dissolves, use tweezers or cotton brushes to peel off the lashes from the real eyelashes, and clean it together with the mascara.

Step 4:

Use a clean dry cleaning cotton sheet or ctton brushes to wipe the glue residue along the eyelashes and remove the eye pad.

Step 5:

Squeeze an appropriate amount of lash shampoo, apply it on the eye area with a shampoo brush, and gently massage in circular motions for about 1 minute to clean. Fadlash has the most gentle lash shampoo ever! Click here to check more information.

Step 6:

Use a clean dry cleaning cotton pad to wipe the lash cleanser, blow dry with a hair dryer or a air blower, and finally comb the eyelashes neatly with a lash brush.

FYI: the eyelash removal products must be mild and not irritating, so as to give customers a safe, healthy and comfortable enjoyment experience. 







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