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The History Of False Lashes

The History Of False Lashes

3100 BC

"As early as 3100 BC, ancient Egyptians often used a mixture of crocodile feces, donkey liver and honey to paint their eyelashes to highlight the contours of their eyes. This is regarded as the beginning of eyelash beauty."

In 1913

A chemist in the United States, Williams, in order to help his sister Maybel pursue her sweetheart, invented a "magic wand" with toner and petroleum jelly. Williams himself was inspired by this and founded the Maybelline brand

In 1914 

The makeup artist Max factor invented the "crayon mascara", which can make the mascara drip onto the eyelashes by heating it to increase the effect of eyelashes.

In 1950 

Scientists at Maybelline began to add beeswax, elastic fiber and other ingredients into the mascara brush head and were invented, and mascara began to enter the field of high-tech product research and development.

In 1957 

Helena rubinstein introduces a liquid mascara tube with a mascara brush.

In 1966

In 1966, the British newspaper "the daily express" published a picture of twiggy wearing 6 sets of false eyelashes on the upper and lower eyelids to increase the density of the eyelashes. Ladies began to imitate this trend and used these false eyelashes on some occasions. Make your own eyelashes."

In 1998

"the technique of grafting eyelashes originated in South Korea and developed in Europe. It is now introduced to China and has caused a big wave in China’s beauty industry. It uses special glue to paste the false eyelashes one by one. Our natural eyelashes make the eyelashes thicker and curled. 

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