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Things You Need To Know During Applying Lash Extensions

Things You Need To Know During Applying Lash Extensions


1. What to do if the guest is prone to tears.

First, the eyes are more sensitive, and they shed tears or trembles when they touch them; the second guests are thinking about problems or thinking about exciting things, their eyes are moving; the third is calling or chatting with friends; fourth When I fell asleep, I was in a relaxed state, and my eyes were half open; the fifth guest suddenly opened his eyes due to phone calls and other reasons; the sixth eyelash isolation eye mask cushion was not placed properly and touched the eyes.

In the process of eyelash grafting, when the eyes move, they open and close slightly. When you open it, the customer’s eyes will be smoked by the smell of the glue, which will produce a hot and sour feeling of tears. Solution: Even if it is dried with a hair dryer, the eyelash artist can use medical disposable tape to help fix the eyelids.

2. What to do when tears are already shed

Wipe clean with a cotton swab in time, and then blow dry with a hair dryer. Do not soak the tears in the eyes. Failure to dry them in time may bring undried glue molecules into the eyes and cause inflammation.

Tip: The root of eyelash grafting is 0.5mm-1.5mm distance


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