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Things You Need To Do Before Applying Lash Extensions

Things You Need To Do Before Applying Lash Extensions

In the process of applying eyelashes, eyelash artists will encounter various situations, such as customers’ tears, and customers’ later reports of eye allergies. Most eyelash artists don’t know how or how such problems arise.

If you solve it, you will not communicate and handle the customer’s problems in a timely manner, which may leave a bad impression on the customer and question your expertise.

Let's talk in three aspects.

Before Applying
1. Test allergies for customers.
Because customers have different physical and skin conditions, some customers may be affected by "glue, metal components of tweezers, tape, removers, chemical substances contained in cosmetics, and "volatile substances". Skin inflammation occurs.
First of all, we must first understand whether the customer has grafted eyelashes before, whether there is a history of allergies, if the customer is the first time to graft the eyelashes, then we must first test the customer. Use tweezers to take one eyelash and glue it with glue , Graft an eyelash at the outer corner of the guest's eyes first, stay for 15-20 minutes, if the guest's eyes do not show any symptoms of redness, swelling, itching, etc., then we can start grafting.
If the guest's eyes appear red and swollen For symptoms such as pain, itching, etc., customers are advised not to graft eyelashes. Therefore, the eyelash artist must ask the customer's physical condition before grafting, and make a correct judgment on grafting.


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