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Things You Need

The Most Three

The Most Three Mistakes You May Made As Lash Artist

The Most Three Mistakes You May Made As Lash Artist

Some new to the lash extensions artists, when first applying eyelashes, will there be eyelash stick together and poor customer experience? The following is a summary of the three major problems that newbie eyelash artists are faced, and the correct way to solve it. Let's keep reading.

1. The Lashes Stick Together 

Reason: The eyelashes are not divided properly when dividing the hair, which leads to the adhesion of the eyelashes. During the growth of the eyelashes, the customer will feel uncomfortable and lead to shedding.

Solution: hold the tweezers in the left hand, keep only one eyelash when splitting the hair, so as to achieve one-to-one applying.


2. Too Much Glue

Reason: The amount of glue is too much, which makes the distinct eyelashes stick together, which causes discomfort for customers during the later period of eyelash growth.

Solution: The amount of glue taken for a single hair grafting during the dipping process should not exceed 1/3 or 1/3 of the place. The operation method needs to be fast in and slow out so that the roots of the false eyelashes do not have too many beads. 


3. Applied On The Skin

Reason: In the process of doing lash extensions, because of psychological reasons, the closer to the skin, the firmer the eyelashes are. If the eyelashes are too close to the skin, it will make the eyes allergic.

Solution: When applying the lashes, keep a safe distance of about 0.5-1.5mm from the skin. Under no circumstances should it be grafted on the skin.


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