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Neon-Colored Eyelash Extensions

Neon-Colored Eyelash Extensions

What are exactly Fadlash Neon Eyelash Extensions?

It's a brand new fluorescent-colored EASY FAN lash extension that makes you standout the crowd. Neon Color Lashes are able to fluoresce vividly and perfectly under UV or Blacklight. This is the biggest difference between it and other colored lash extensions. 

neon colored lashes

Why will Neon Lashes become main stream in the future?

Neon Lashes Not only go beyond simply enhancing your eye color but also allow you to show up your personality. In addition, Fadlash UV Neon Lashes also have all the advantages of regular colored lash extensions.

Neon-colored eyelashes do not glow in dark light, they can only look a little more vibrant than normal colored lashes. Neon eyelashes must be illuminated by UV fluorescent light or blacklight to glow. No harmless to human skin or eyes. It is a good choice for Halloween, Christmas, and Party Use.

If you’re looking for an exciting new way to step up your lash game, why not try a set of Neon Yellow Lashes?  Eyelash extensions are unique way to make your eyes look bright, charming and attractive. Furthermore, they are totally perfect for summer fun, camping out, events or any special parties. Besides, it is absolutely an accessory you can wear in any special occasion.

Moreover, Neon Yellow eyelash extensions will help to enhance the beauty of your eyes. Adding colored lashes to the extensions can brighten your eyes and make them stand out. Therefore, you can get all the stares and glares, especially if you are someone who loves exploring new things and express your own personality. They are a great way to compliment your style and create a look that gets admired. They go well with whatever hair color you decide to get and complements it very well. If you’re going to a costume party, Neon Yellow Lashes are going to be the highlight of your outfit for going the extra mile.

neon eyelash extensions in the dark

Besides, under normal light, they look as simple as the other normal eyelashes. But under the UV light, they come the coolest fluorescent jewels on your eyes. If you want to spice up your look a little, try out some Neon Yellow lashes!

This new trend eyelash extension is not glow-in-the-dark, under normal light it is color look but it’s still very cool. Your Neon color lashes extensions to be neon under UV lights. You can wear it to participate in the glow party, Your eyelashes will look shining, charming and attractive~


The Neon lash extensions is actually UV reactive, it may be brighter than normal lashes under normal lights but it will glow like a neon under ‘black lights’ or UV lights. So you need UV light or backlight to see your lash color really gleam! Also, don’t get confused if you see it called by other names: neon lash extensions, UV lash extensions and backlight lash extensions.


Colored lash extension’s strips made with a metallic film, when you remove the tape It will not leave some paper scraps on the lash extension pad. Easy Use: you can easily remove the lash tape from the tray and pick up the lashes from the lash tape.


Try it out, you are the one shining in the dark!




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