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Fadlash Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal

Fadlash Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal

The holiday shopping season is coming! Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday is around the corner. Find the best deals and discounts on Fadlash.

It’s the time of year we offers its best eyelash extensions on sale! Here at Fadlash, you’ll be offered the best price to restock inventory.



Our Black Friday Sale starts early and this deal will last 10 days! Up to 50% Off is Happening Now with new arrival sale items! Prepare now for the holiday rush of lash extensions products with lash essentials to create gorgeous lash sets to your customers or sale on as your own label!

This once-a-year promotion includes everything a professional lash artist might need — extensions, lash adhesive, lash extensions accessories, training kit and more!

Purchase a starter kit if you’ve been meaning to try out our products. Or stock up on your favorite eyelash extensions, supplies, and new arrival items for the coming year.

To ensure you stay in tuned, subscribe now to keep the connection alive. This way you’ll know the minute our Black Friday eyelash extension sales begin.


Before the Black Friday, make a list of lash products. First, you’re going to list the lash products you prefer, lash extensions, glue, tweezers or any other essentials. Next, you’re going to list the quantity.

Then log into your Fadlash account. If you don’t yet have an account on the Fadlash store, it doesn’t take long to create one - all you’ll need is your email address and to create a password. There are a couple of little perks to having an account - your payment details and address will be ready for you when you come to check out which will save you time, and it means that you can add things to your basket ahead of time and it will be saved because it’s in your account.

Then browse our online store and add items to your basket ahead of time. Before the Black Friday sales start, you’re going to take that list you made of needs and wants and you’re going to add them to your basket. And do not forget to add “logo” products to your basket if you need private label service.I’d recommend doing this early in the day because it means that you can go back to it if you forget something, but an hour before is honestly fine.

When you done these steps, all you need to do is proceed to checkout and complete the purchase. Oh, don’t forget to use the promo code: BF30. And we’ll ship out your order immediately when you complete your purchase.

Now the rest of the Black Friday sale is your playground as you’ve already got the business side of things out of the way! Whatever you do this Black Friday sale period, have FUN and try some things you haven’t tried before!

Stock up! The best sale of the year for your professional eyelash extensions needs is here at Fadlash. Enjoy your shopping :)

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