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After Applying Lash Extensions

After Applying Lash Extensions

How to maintain and take care of after applying lash extensions?

  1. Don't touch water, don't touch oil

Do not let the eyelashes touch water for 8 hours after doing the eyelashes, and do not go to the steam room, swimming, face-making, or soaking in soup within 5 days. On weekdays, try to stay away from the humid environment, because the moist environment will easily weaken the effectiveness of the black glue for eyelash extensions, and then fall off. In addition to touching less water, be careful not to touch oil, please avoid facial oil products such as cleansing oil, and use cleansing water instead. Oil-based products may dissolve the lash extensions and cause lashes to fall out.


  1. Reduce the chance of foreign objects contacting the eyes

Do not rub your eyes after receiving eyelashes, and do not pull out eyelashes as soon as the foreign body feels itchy. In addition to increasing the risk of eyelashes falling, it may also affect the flow of eyelashes and cause the eyelashes to become messy. Usually, you need to change the way to remove makeup and wash your face. When removing makeup, use makeup remover + cotton swab or a gentle makeup remover towel. When washing your face, use an absorbent sponge to dry the water. Gently treat your eye area and skin, which can reduce the amount of eyelashes that fall off and become bald risks of.

When sleeping, you should also try to lie down or on your back, avoid sleeping on your stomach or on your side, which would make the pillow touch your eyes, and don’t roll around on the bed when you can’t fall asleep, so as not to wake up the next day and see the fallen lash extensions (don’t worry your real lashes won’t fallen along with the attached lashes). In addition, the grafted eyelashes are already long, thick and curled, so there is no need to brush and iron the eyelashes. Mascara is a 100% forbidden makeup once you applied lash extensions but it is ok you can draw outer eyeliner. Brush your lashes daily will maintain the original look and won’t mess or fallen quickly.


  1. Keep it clean

The eyelashes after attaching should pay more attention to cleaning. Keeping the eyelashes full of dirt will increase the risk of eyelashes falling out. Use facial tissue or cotton swabs to remove dust and dirt, and then use an eyelash comb to comb the eyelashes to keep them beautiful and avoid lash loss. It can also guide the flow of hair, and make your eyelashes longer and more beautiful! Use lash extensions shampoo also a great way to keep your lashes fresh and clean, the rich foam will embrace your lashes and it feel soft and gentle. The lash shampoo can remove your make up residue keep your lashes in a good condition. It’s a good habit to use lash cleanser daily.


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