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How to Select Lash Extensions Look

How to Select Lash Extensions Look

After reading the basic knowledge to pay attention to before eyelash extensions, let’s take a look at the eyelash extensions suitable for different eye shapes and looks! Everyone goes for eyelash extensions in the hope of creating attractive charming eyes but you know what?

In fact, the eyelash extensions suitable for different eye shapes are not the same, so it is very important to choose the eyelash extension style that suits your eye shape! Choosing the right style can make you more attractive and sexy instead of looking old when you accidentally pick it up!


Step 1: Look at the eye distance

Regardless of whether the eye distance is wide or narrow, you can make the visual proportion of the face more symmetrical by grafting eyelashes:

Wide eye distance → round eye style, strengthening the style between the eyes and the middle

Avoid using long-eye styles that elongate the ends of the eyes to make the visual distance wider. Using the round eye style that emphasizes the top and middle of the eyes not only shortens the distance between the eyes, but also makes the eyes bright and energetic!

Narrow eye distance → long eye style, elongated eye end style

Not only use long-tail false eyelashes, but also use outer eyeliner and eye shadow to lengthen the end of the eye.

Those who with narrow eye distance and the round eyelashes grafted will look cross-eyed and the use of long-eye false eyelashes that emphasize the end of the eyes can increase the mature and charming feeling!


Step 2: Look at the eyelids

Mono eyelid or inner double → L-shaped eyelashes, the most curled type lashes

People with mono eyelids and inner double eyelashes are prone to drooping eyelashes. It is recommended to use curled and L-shaped eyelashes to create a blooming eyelashes vision and enlarge the eyes.


outer double eyelid → optional

Those who have outer double eyelid have fewer restrictions on the length of the eyelashes grafting and the curling degree and you can adjust it according to the part you want to emphasize!


Step 3: Look at the eye shape

Round eyes → long length at the middle of the eye

People with round eyes have distinct pupils and whites and look bright and energetic. Instead of using the extended eyelashes to suppress this feature, it is better to use the extended eyelashes in the eyelashes to make the eyes more attractive, the feeling of sparkle!

Apricot eye → long length at the end of the eye

The almond eye, which is known as the most beautiful eye shape, of course, it is necessary to lengthen the eyelashes at the end of the eye to make the eyes more mature.

Fox eye → thick and short style, long length in middle of the eye

The eyelash extensions options for cat eyes and fox eyes are all inclined to eye modification. For example, girls with fox eyes can use thick, short, and long false eyelashes to reduce the lethality and make the eyes darker at the same time.

Droopy → More curl at the end of eye

Droopy eyes can use different curling eyelashes to reduce the impact of droopy eyes and reduce the feeling of suffering. In particular, you can use a more curly style at the end of the eye to make the overall vision more balanced, eliminate the temperament of bitter women, and bring good popularity.