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Your Own Eyelash Care and Maintenance Q&A

Your Own Eyelash Care and Maintenance Q&A

Q: can eye cream nourish eyelashes at the same time?
A: A lot of women want to hold two look at at the same time, brush eye frost desperately to eyelid place push, hope eyelash root more or less absorb nutrient, about such practice, the doctor points out: "eye frost nourishes to eyelash, should have difficulty! And it's not recommended. I'm not sure if the ingredients of each cream are mild enough to harm the mucous membranes of the eyes. So if the cream is applied too close to the root of the eyelashes, it may have the opposite effect." Because this eye frost or can be used only in eye week skin, just be safe from eyelash.

Q: lashes have been falling off recently. What should I do?
A: eyelash falls off suddenly in great quantity, the most common direct reason is contact with the material that is too stimulation, be like: stick false eyelash glue, or the product such as eyelash that does not suit oneself maintains fluid. Other factors that the average person might overlook, as dermatologists say, are: "check to see if you've had an erratic or stressful day... Actually the reason that drops eyelash resembles pressure type to drop hair, because the inflammation factor attacks the skin hair follicle inside body, cause the local drop that abnormal hair falls off to send a problem, also can appear on eyebrow, eyelash! In addition, because excessive thin body is on a diet to cause iron to be short of type anaemia, also can cause hair and eyelash to burst of fall off in great quantities. If it's not, it could be related to a specific illness, and you need to go to a physician."

Q: choose the mascara that adds nobility to maintain an ingredient, whether is really better?
A: there are more and more high-technology and top-grade mascara on the market. It's an irresistible temptation for women who cherish their LIDS like gold! But are these products really better than regular mascara and better for eyelash health? The dermatologist's take: the distinctive, top-of-the-range ingredients from major labels certainly have their theoretical basis and selling points, but do they have their value? Different opinions, as long as they use to feel really good, in fact, it is worth it. What remind everybody especially is, with its lay particular stress to maintain the effect, pay attention to whether the product is low excitant! Because reducing stimulation is the key to having healthy eyelashes.

Q: the correct way to remove mascara and false eyelashes?
A: for the waterproof mascara, false eyelashes, makeup remoer or cream products that are difficult to remove, or the most can remove the clean choice, but here still want to remind everyone: look clearly whether the product is suitable for the eyelash, avoid stimulating the eyes and eye skin. As for the general mascara, dermatologists believe that there are many appeals on the market can be used for eyelash cleaning refreshing makeup remover and eye lip professional makeup remover, are a good choice. And when use, have such a small trick: make up cotton to touch right amount discharge makeup fluid wet apply eyelash 30 seconds, after letting clean composition permeate to the bottom, can quickly and clean finish discharge job. Discharge eyelash must be gentle, lest pull eye ministry skin to cause fine line!
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