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Secret of Lash Extensions' Material

Secret of Lash Extensions' Material

Eyelash extensions comes in several materials

1. Synthetic eyelashes
Compare to albumen fiber eyelash and sable hair character, artificial synthesis eyelash is more hard, but its roll becomes warp degree and shape are better, after applying, can reflect the effect of beautiful ciliary obviously.

Advantage: the price is lower, design is diversiform, individual have color to be optional

Disadvantages: hard material, heavier, easy to collapse eyelashes

2. Silk fiber eyelashes
The kind of albumen fiber eyelash is very much also, take silk albumen fiber eyelash as an example, this kind of eyelash is closest to natural eyelash, softer, have certain shape and roll become warped degree, grafting effect is very natural.

Advantages: weight is the lightest of the three, not easy to collapse eyelashes, with a certain shape and curl degree

Disadvantages: less style, between the three

3. Natural fur

Pros: soft, natural, but needs care

Disadvantages: most natural eyelashes are fake, and even if they do, they will be dull due to lack of vitality, especially not elastic, not waterproof, and not suitable for eyelash extensions.

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