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Little Hacks for Applying Eyelash Extensions

Little Hacks for Applying Eyelash Extensions

1, the first five eyebrow positioning, grafting eyelashes will be more neat.

2. Before grafting eyelashes, comb the upper eyelashes with eyelashes.

3, when doing grafting eyelash, must choose oneself appropriate eyelash, the length of eyelash and density should differ from person to person. Eyelash is chosen on, should choose soft a bit, the eyelash with a bit thinner, the damage to oneself eyelash also can be a bit smaller so, and after grafting eyelash also can maintain longer.

4. Choose the right grafting eyelash density. Each individual situation is different, need differs from person to person, and the difference on the price also exists, need to choose according to the actual situation of eyelash.

5. Do not touch water within 3 hours after grafting eyelashes, otherwise the effect of grafting eyelashes will be affected.

6, after grafting eyelashes, do not need to apply mascara. Can draw eye makeup normally, but do not use to contain oily cent discharge makeup product. So, please prepare makeup remover or makeup remover beforehand. When removing makeup, gently wipe with a cotton swab to prevent false eyelashes from falling off.

7, when you find that there are false eyelashes to fall off, do not use the hand to pick up, this will greatly damage their own eyelashes. You can comb your lashes with a comb and wait for them to fall off naturally. Eyelash is grafted 2 weeks or so, eyelash drops can compare fierce, can go to the shop right now let technician discharge with professional method.

8, do not frequently grafting eyelashes, frequent grafting eyelashes will cause a bad effect on their own eyelashes. Of course, the frequency of grafted eyelashes varies from person to person.

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