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Basic Facts About Lash Extensions

Basic Facts About Lash Extensions


General eyelash length is between 7mm-14mm The camouflage 7mm-9mm can hardly see the grafted eyelashes, like its own long eyelashes. Natural 9mm-11mm The most popular natural length is the first choice for office workers and student parties. Natural lightness has a little burden on their eyelashes. Sexy models 10mm-12mm Choose a combination of short front and long back, which effectively lengthens the eye shape and increases the femininity of women's eyebrows. Thick 11mm-13mm thicker makeup, suitable for people who want to enhance the thick effect of the eyes.

Before Applying

It is recommended to use saline or foam-type cleaning products to cleanse the oils, dirt or residual makeup on the eyelashes before the operation. In addition to being effective in cleaning water- and oil-soluble stains, both can be used for deep cleaning through smaller molecules.

After Applying

Within 4 hours after doing that. Keep away from water. Water or oil can affect the staying power of the glue, which affects the durability of the eyelashes. Within 24 hours after grafting. At this time, the biggest test of eyelashes will be encountered-face wash and makeup removal.

Makeup remover has a small molecule, and it is easy to dissolve the glue on the eyelashes, causing the eyelashes to fall off earlier, so the grafted eyelashes are more suitable for makeup remover. When cleaning, gently lift the upper eyelid with your left hand to expose the roots of the eyelashes, but do not lift the eyes.

Wipe the roots of the eyelashes lightly with a cotton pad, and wipe three to five times in one direction. In fact, the advantage of grafting eyelashes is that they are suitable for little fairies with lighter eye makeup or plain faces. If you love heavy eyeliner and eye shadow, you will definitely increase the use of makeup remover when removing makeup, and the durability of lashes will inevitably be greatly reduced.

Eyelashes within 28 days. The eyelashes are attached to the real eyelashes, so they will fall off with the growth cycle of the eyelashes (about two months). It is normal to drop 3 to 4 hairs every day, usually half of them after one month.

During this period, you can apply eyelash growth liquid at the root of the eyelashes to strengthen the strength and support of real eyelashes. Grafting false eyelashes on them will also extend life. Lay the foundation for the next applyinh

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