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Things Should Know Before Doing Extensions

Things Should Know Before Doing Extensions

Every girl hopes that her eyes can attract people at the first time, and can attract the eyes of others, in addition to the eye shape is better, with thick and long eyelashes is also a very important thing. So in order to achieve this effect, some young ladies will choose to graft false eyelashes, to make their eyes look flickering. But before and after grafting eyelash, you had better understand these a few things clearly, otherwise become beautiful have no door return to suffer.

Before applying

1. The eye condition does not allow the best do not do the extensions

If the eye is sensitive or often inflamed, try to avoid appyling. Because this kind of way can irritate your eye ministry skin, cause more serious circumstance. If that happens, it's a bit of a pyrrhic victory.

2. Do not blindly pursue dense or is long

Although eyelash is thick and fine long can be good-looking, but this also stresses a degree. And how to measure should decide according to oneself eye condition, if your eye is smaller, it is to suit to be grafted on an eyelash one to two eyelashes. If be grafted on a eyelash many words, can appear particularly incongruous. And the eye is bigger person, can be appropriate many graft a few, anyhow go to measure with natural sense, it is certain won't make a mistake.

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