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Put on False Eyelashes in 1 Second!

Put on False Eyelashes in 1 Second!

Summer's coming, I don't know if the delicate girls are ready to sweat and oil off their makeup? You must know that when you work for a day, you not only need to make up, but you also need to pack your mascara, and occasionally you will lose false eyelashes because of sweating and oiling too much! At that time, it's super embarrassing.

Ordinary false eyelashes are not only unfriendly to their opponents, but they must be stuck for a long time and twisted, and they may fall off. It is more likely to cause eye infections due to repeated use and improper use, which can cause bacterial problems!

But now, Fadlash updates a new lash--magnetic lashes. 

Magnetic eyelashes, as the name suggests, are directly attracted by magnetic suction without applying glue! Although magnetic eyelashes have appeared before, they are not popular because of their difficulty in handling and wearing easily. This eyelash is not like any other magnetic eyelashes. It is a purely artificial non-machine, which makes the eyelashes comfortable and soft. It can be used 30 times ~ And this ultra-fine magnet design means that the magnet is almost invisible, feeling very light, zero foreign body sensation, maybe you will forget that you wear it over time.

As for how to put it on, it's really simple. There are magnets at both ends of the magnetic eyelashes, and the part of the eyelashes with magnets is below. A small piece of eyelashes with the same magnetic properties is also needed. Utilizing the principle of opposite-phase magnet attraction, no glue is needed, as long as the two false eyelashes are sandwiched, the real eyelashes can be fixed successfully. Don't worry about makeup and eyelash shifting!

Would you like to try?

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