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Disposable Face Mask for Beauty Salon

Disposable Face Mask for Beauty Salon

Why do lash techs wear a mask? Breathing definitely is one of the most, not only your breathing may affect the glue but protecting your clients. 

As a lash artist on around average use lash extension adhesives for approximately 4-8 hours a day. And regardless of whether your adhesive fumes are noticeable or not, chemicals such as cyanoacrylate, are always present. 

Prevent germs, vapor and the smell from glue and remover, etc. At the same time, it feels pretty professional to your client.

Besides lash salons, nail salons also use disposable masks widely. The most chemical that are causing major health concerns are. The vital important is nail polish and fingernail glue. The smell is the reason why they wear masks. For those of us who visit nail salons every day, these chemicals may not pose too large of a threat. But what about the workers that are surrounded by them every day?!

For all salon staff, using these beauty products like nail polish or lash extensions glue is a part of the daily routine as lash artist or nail artist. Thus it's important to wear a mask when you work. Due to a long time they work a day,  wearing an air disposable mask is one of the best preventative measures salon staff can take to limit unnecessary exposure to toxic fumes. 

What are you waiting for, get a mask from fadlash!

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