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You Must Know Before Applying Eyelash Extensions

You Must Know Before Applying Eyelash Extensions

What are eyelash extensions?

You must hear all kinds of names like, lash lifting, lash extensions, lash tint and even lash re-growth. Don’t get confused about the name. Eyelash extension, meaning is to attach the processed imitation eyelashes to the eyelashes instead of sticking to the eyelids like sticking the eyelashes. And the grafted eyelashes are not the same as the glue used to paste the false eyelashes. The applied eyelashes can generally last for 25-30 days, so the grafted eyelashes are more suitable for girls who need makeup every day at work, which is very convenient. , Insert a little here, the eyelashes are generally good for one month, almost 15 to 20 days. There are also awesome ones that can last for 40 days, but don’t pull it with your hands. It will pull off your eye hair and affect the storage time.


I'm worried about whether my eyes will be red and swollen after receiving it, and will it feel uncomfortable?

Many people have heard from friends that they will feel uncomfortable after applying eyelashes, their eyes will be red or stinging. There is nothing to say, it's usually because of the lack of technology! Eyelash extensions are attached to the eyelashes one by one without touching the skin. Why do you feel tingling? Generally, the eyelash artist did not completely fit the roots of the false eyelashes with the real eyelashes during grafting. The eyelashes will be poked by the raised false eyelashes and the eyelids will be slightly tingling when the eye blinks. As for the redness and swelling of the eyes, there are two reasons: Either you shed tears during the grafting, or you did not follow the care requirements after the grafting, rubbed your eyes or came into contact with water in a short time. To solve these two problems, it is very simple to find a skilled eyelash artist and a regular eyelash beauty agency! Don't be greedy for cheap and be practiced!


Will eyelash extensions damage your real eyelashes?

I have heard my little sister say more than once: will I lose my real eyelashes if I get my eyelashes? It may be that when the eyelashes are missing, the real eyelashes and the false eyelashes will fall together. Many people think that it is the false eyelashes. Actually, you own lashes will not fall along with the attached lash extensions. The grafted eyelashes are glued to the real eyelashes with professional glue, but the real eyelashes will not be removed due to gravity. Hair has a growth and fall cycle. It will grow and fall. Even if you don't have eyelashes, you will lose one or two a day, but you don't necessarily notice it. But there are many people who feel that the more you practice your eyelash extensions, your own eyelashes will decrease. Then you must ask yourself: Do you usually touch your eyelashes or even pull the eyelashes after application?


Last, please go to a professional studio or salon or it’s dangerous if the lash artists don’t have certificate.


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