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Eyelash Extensions Practice with Mannequin Head

Eyelash Extensions Practice with Mannequin Head

Notes for attaching lash extensions:

  1. When applying, remember not to press your hands on the dummy's head, the guests will feel uncomfortable!
  2. Put glue on the lashes is the key movement, so that the glue can be completely glued.
  3. The lash extensions should be straight, and each lash should be 90 degrees perpendicular to the eyelid when it is placed on the eyelid!
  4. The distance between the roots must be maintained at 0.1 cm, and the eyelids must not be touched


Here are some questions that many new lash artists are confused.

It’s difficult to attach the lashes that very close to the eyes?

The eye head is the hardest direction to attach the lashes. If you want to put your fingers in, there may not be enough space, so we can first fix the false eyelashes, stick the false eyelashes at the end of the eye a little bit. If you feel that it’s not easy to enter at this angle, you can put the dummy's head to the side and it will be very easy to pick up!


Why does it seem to be dirty?

When applying glue, be careful not to apply too much glue. If too much glue is connected, it will feel like lumps and seeped. It looks dirty, so you have to go in and out, and the amount will be very clean if you pick it up properly!


Why are the roots warped?

At this time, you need to adjust your wrist gestures to prevent your wrists from falling back, so that there will be no upturning problems.


Why do you stick the eyelids?

Maybe you slipped too hard at the beginning. When slipping, you have to control the speed. The glue should be stopped at a position of 0.1 cm, and then it will not stick to the eyelids after it is down, up, down, and fixed!


There are many tips for eyelash extensions application, but don’t worry, we will take you to overcome these small problems one by one. You can attach on makeup sponge or apply on practice lashes then you’ll familiar with the feel. At last us e the mannequin to do the grafting. This is a very important exercise for real applying, so you must study hard.


Mannequin practice pre-work:

  1. Take double-sided foam with a width of about 4 cm and a thickness of about 0.3 cm, and fix it on the part of the eye.

The purpose of this is to hope that when we put on the false eyelashes, we can raise them up for easy operation.

  1. Paste the false eyelashes for practice on the double-sided makeup sponge.
  2. Glue the eyelashes to be grafted onto the spacer
  3. The small clay should be glued to the convex part of the gasket
  4. Wrap a headscarf, this is very important, because it can pack all the guests' hair
  5. Insert the gaskets into the headscarf
  6. Drop glue in the glue cup next to it
  7. Put the plastic cup on top of the spacer

 Click here to know more about the eyelash extensions starter kit