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Lash Extensions Glue & Lash Tweezers

Lash Extensions Glue & Lash Tweezers

Why the lash extensions glue not bonding and retention enough? This is the following point you may overlook.

First of all, we may feel that maybe the glue is not enough much. In fact, there are several points about the bonding of the extension:

  • The adhesives has expired and is sticky
  • When the glue is in good condition, when attaching eyelashes, do you first take the eyelashes and split eyelashes, and then take the glue?
  • Whether you completely match the false eyelashes during grafting, and prevent root warping at the roots.
  • Whether the amount of glue is appropriate
  • Whether the humidity (55°) and temperature (25C°) in the room are up to standard
  • Remember not to apply under the air-conditioning vent, this will cause the glue to thicken quickly and lose the best viscosity
  • Did you wear a mask during working?

The last one is the law of natural growth. The growth period of your own eyelashes determines that the growth period of eyelashes is extremely short, only about 1 month, while the dormant period is as long as 3-5 months, and the shedding period is about 3-5 days. More than 90% of the eyelashes are in a dormant state, which is in stark contrast with 90% of the hair in the growth period, and the growth period is 2-6 years. This is why the hair grows very fast, but the eyelashes do not grow long.  

If you have done these points, your lash extensions can be maintained for a long time.


Tips of Using Lash Extension Tweezers



The stability of your hands must be stable. If you want to do this, you must find the support points of your hands. Once you have a support point, after a period of correct practice, your hands will basically be very stable! When the hand is stable, the eyelash extension will not move, and the durability will naturally be better.


Tweezers usage standard. The international standard is to use a curved tweezers and a straight tweezers to operate the eyelashes, because this operation can be safer. Usually straight tweezers for the left hand and curved tweezers for the right hand! Holding the curved tweezers in your right hand is like holding a writing brush, with a few fingers open, so that the hand will be easier. The straight tweezers in the left hand frame the single eyelash to be grafted! When looking for hair (finding a single eyelash that needs to be grafted), use curved tweezers to assist with straight tweezers.


The roots of the eyelashes must be compliant. In this way, the grafted eyelashes can be kept for a long time, and it will not lead to the phenomenon of piercing the eyes on the second or third day of grafting. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the roots of the grafted eyelashes are compliant.


The standard distance between the roots of the eyelashes is 1mm-2mm. This way the grafted eyelashes can be more comfortable!


The glue should be refreshing and have a distinct real effect. This is that when grafting eyelashes, the glue must be fresh and free of glue drops.


Make sure that the direction of the tip of the eyelashes grafted is facing you. The eyelashes can be neatly grafted in this way.


After the grafting is completed, the curvature of the eyelashes is in a line when viewed from the side. The curvature of the eyelashes grafted in this way is also perfect.



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