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Why Eyelash Extensions Keep Falling Off

Why Eyelash Extensions Keep Falling Off

How long does it take for eyelash extensions to fall off?

Nowadays, many girls choose eyelash extensions to make their eyelashes look beautiful or to save time on makeup. If you want to maintain your eyelashes for a long time, please read on and let’s talk about the causes of eyelash extensions and what to look out for, so you can easily maintain your eyelashes without worry!

How long do eyelash extensions take to fall off? Usually, eyelash extensions can last from 2 to 5 weeks, depending on the condition of your eyelashes and how well you take care of them. Some people complained why my eyelash extensions keep falling off. If you pay attention to the following 3 things, you too can maintain beautiful eyelashes.

1. The choice of eyelash extension style and number of extensions will affect the visual rate of loss

If you choose Japanese eyelash extensions with single extensions, the false eyelashes will be clearly attached to the original eyelashes, with a total of about 100 to 200 extensions, making the result look more fresh and natural. When the real eyelashes fall off, the false eyelashes will fall off as well, but because the total number of extensions is higher, it is less likely to be seen and will last longer.


2. There are three good habits for life after applying eyelash extensions!
If you take good care of your eyelash extensions, you can improve the longevity of your eyelashes by combining them with good lifestyle habits.

  • Do not touch your eyelashes or rub your eyes all the time
  • Lie on your back to avoid pressing on your eyelashes
  • Avoid using eyelash curlers and mascara

Many people can't resist touching or rubbing their eyes when they get itchy, but it is recommended to avoid touching the eyelashes as much as possible because the hair follicles of the eyelashes are shallow and can easily fall off due to light touching. If you have already done eyelashes and want a longer effect, is it okay to use an eyelash curler and mascara? No! The use of curlers will increase the friction on the surface of the eyelashes, making them more likely to fall off, and the use of mascara will inevitably lead to makeup removal.


3. What do I need to pay attention to after eyelash extensions?
Proper maintenance makes eyelashes last longer and the care of your eyelash extensions will help you to keep your eyes looking great!

  • Use a water-based or gentle makeup remover and care products
  • Keep the area around your eyes dry
  • Use a lash comb to groom your lashes regularly

The most important thing to avoid with eyelash extensions is contact with oily substances. If you use oily makeup remover and maintenance products, the black glue will fall off quickly. After drying, use an eyelash comb to tidy up the lashes, following the direction of the lashes from the inside to the outside, to prevent the extensions from tangling and to keep them in perfect condition for longer!

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