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Eyelash Extensions Refill

Eyelash Extensions Refill

How long does your own eyelashes last?

Generally speaking, eyelashes grow for 1-3 months, and will stop growing after 7-8mm, and will last for about 2-4 months before shedding naturally to form a cycle.


Come and see if you have committed the following five super NG behavior, accelerate your eyelash aging, fall off yo!


NG behavior 1 rubbing eyes

Eyelashes grow on the superficial part of the skin, so they fall off easily with a little stimulation. People who love to rub their eyes will find that their eyelashes fall off more seriously, including the rubbing of the face when washing is also the cause of eyelash fall, so you must pay special attention.  


NG Behavior 2 Eyelash curler has not been replaced for more than six months

The rubber pad on the curler should be taken care of because the curler relies on force to roll the eyelashes upwards. If the rubber is old and scratched or peels off, it will easily hurt the eyelashes, causing not only a burden on the eyelashes, but also a possible breakage.


NG behavior 3 use the same makeup remover for the whole face

For eye makeup removal, do you use the same makeup remover as for your face? The glue of false eyelashes and waterproof mascara eyeliner can easily be left behind, so it is advisable to use eye makeup remover products to gently remove them and avoid excessive pulling.


NG behavior 4 stay up late

The time for body and skin detoxification and regeneration is around 10pm and 2am. Lack of sleep and irregular diet will affect the growth of eyelashes.


NG Behavior 5 Failure to remove makeup

Eye makeup left at the base of the eyelashes can cause pores to become clogged, resulting in eyelash loss and even affecting growth.


The correct way to take care of your skin is to remove the makeup first and then apply the maintenance, which will be effective and will not increase the burden on your skin.


How long will eyelash extensions last?

Usually it takes 3-4 weeks if take care in proper ways. Refill lash extensions also important to keep your lashes last long. Does it take less time to fill in my eyelashes? People often misunderstand that eyelash extensions are only to fill in the hollow part of the false eyelashes, but this is actually a wrong concept, the eyelash technician will adjust the condition of each individual eyelash, remove the overgrown eyelashes, clean up the makeup residue and dirt, and then apply new eyelashes. It takes about 40 minutes to an hour, depending on the style and condition of each individual's eyelashes.


Therefore, eyelash extensions are more likely to fall off than normal eyelash extensions, either due to the growth of the real eyelashes or due to external forces.


How long is the best time to apply eyelash extensions after the application? Can I wait until I have to remove them? It is generally recommended to apply eyelash extensions 2-3 weeks after the application, which can be adjusted according to the individual's eyelash loss. Re-application is recommended.