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What Causes Eyelash Extensions to Fall Off Quickly

What Causes Eyelash Extensions to Fall Off Quickly

What causes eyelash extensions to fall off quickly?

Natural hair loss
Like hair, eyelashes also have their own growth cycle. They will experience growth phase → decline phase → rest phase → fall out. The reason is that the hair follicles are located differently. The hair follicles are about 4-5mm below the hair, but the eyelash follicles are only about 2mm deep, so they are more likely to be pulled by external forces and fall off.

Physical Health Factors
Did you know? If you want your eyelashes to be healthy and long, you can eat more high-protein foods and get enough sleep. If your body and mind are under too much stress, it may cause your eyelashes to fall out, just like stress causes hair loss, so keeping your body and mind in good health is good for the growth of your eyelashes and makes them last longer!

Physical stimulation
If you come into contact with stimulating substances, the likelihood of eyelash loss will increase, such as the use of irritating eyelash products or makeup remover products, which can easily damage the eyelash follicles and cause them to fall off.

Generally, eyelash extensions can last from 3 to 5 weeks, depending on the individual's maintenance status. Because eyelash extensions do not remove all the eyelashes and cannot be cleaned thoroughly, they cannot last as long as normal eyelash extensions, but they can generally extend the life of eyelash extensions by about 2-3 weeks at a lower cost. 

But many girls are worried that their eyelash extensions will fall off if they remove their makeup or wash their face, so they are careful in their cleaning, but inaccurate cleaning will lead to the accumulation of dirt and dust in the air at the roots of the eyelashes, causing a burden on the eyes and eyelashes. If your eyelashes are dirty, it is not recommended that you refill eyelash extensions because they can only partially clean the eyelashes and cannot remove all the dirt.


Dispelling 2 common myths about eyelash extensions falling off

Can eyelash extensions be trimmed for longer lashes?
I've often heard that trimming eyelashes as a baby can make them longer and thicker, so can adults do the same? Can I trim my eyelashes and then get extensions to make them longer? The answer is no! Therefore, if not necessary, don't trim your eyelashes by yourself. If you don't pay attention, you might get hurt.

Do eyelash extensions last longer and fall off faster?
Some people say that eyelash extensions last 2-3 months or even longer, but why can't eyelash extensions last that long? Is it because of poor technique? The reason is that the two types of eyelash extensions are different. Eyelash extensions are made by gluing the eyelashes to the root of the real eyelashes or the eyelid, and a large amount of black glue is applied to hold them in place. However, the eyelash extensions will also fall off metabolically, so the maintenance time of eyelash extensions depends on the individual's eyelash growth cycle and maintenance method, not on the eyelash extension technique. Choose a comfortable and suitable eyelash beauty method to be a healthy and beautiful beauty! 


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