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Eyelash Extensions Glue FAQ

Eyelash Extensions Glue FAQ

Where are the eyelash extensions glued?

1. Generally stick at 0.5mm
Eyelash extensions are glued at a distance of 0.5mm from the root of the eyelashes, and artificial false eyelashes are attached at 0.5mm, so that the glue will not irritate the eyelash root and cause hair follicle sensitivity or prevent the normal growth of the original eyelashes.

2. The eyes are more sensitive and will stick at the 1mm positionI
f some people have sensitive eyes or need to wear contact lenses, the eyelash artist will glue the eyelashes 1mm away from the root of the eyelashes to avoid eye irritation.


How to place and drip the glue when applying eyelash extensions?

1. Place the bottle at a 45 degree angle
After squeezing out the required amount of glue, place the bottle at an angle of 45° and squeeze out the air inside the bottle, do not leave the residual glue at the mouth of the bottle to prevent the bottle from being clogged.

2. Tighten the cap after squeezing out the air
Make sure that the black glue and air left at the mouth of the bottle are squeezed out together, then wipe it off with hard paper (do not use soft toilet paper) and tighten the cap. After use, make sure the glue is placed vertically, not flat or sideways.


How to remove eyelash extensions glue on clothes

Generally, it is very difficult to wash off the clothes. Use an iron to iron the glue back and forth a few times, and when the glue is dry, just remove it directly. Or put the clothes in the freezer for 3-4 hours, take it out and uncover it. You can also wipe it with medical alcohol, or if you have a professional eyelash extension remover cream, you can also give it a try.

1. Steam
Hot steam is good for loosening up false eyelashes. You can heat a bowl of water in the microwave, with the hot water being hot enough to produce steam. With your face to the bowl, put a towel around your head to keep all the steam around your face. You can also use a face steamer or a hot towel on your face to get better lash removal.

2. Olive oil
Wet a cotton swab with olive oil, making sure it is completely soaked, then swab the base of the lashes with the cotton ball, being careful not to get it in your eyes. Keep swabbing the lashes until all the false lashes fall off.

3.Glue remover
Take an appropriate amount of glue remover on a cotton swab and run the swab along the eyeliner, gently making small circles from the outer contour to the inner contour, and the remover will begin to melt the glue. Remove any eyelashes that are about to come off. Swab the eyeliner back and forth about fifteen times, pinch the root of the false eyelashes with your index finger and thumb, and with gentle pressure the lashes will fall off.

If you accidentally splash false eyelash glue in your eyes, seek medical attention immediately. False eyelash glue condenses very easily in cold weather and needs to be stored well.

If you have sensitive skin, you should have your eyes tested for skin allergies before applying the glue. If you find that you have skin allergies, stop using it immediately.

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