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Eyelash Extensions Removal

Eyelash Extensions Removal

False eyelashes can make your eyelashes look longer and thicker and are the finishing touch to your makeup. Learning to wear false eyelashes does take a lot of practice, but removing the lash adhesive and taking them off is not complicated at all, just choose the right product or method to dissolve the lash adhesive so that the false lashes come off easily. Whether you prefer eye makeup remover oil, oil or steam, you can easily remove eyelash glue in minutes.

Use eye makeup remover

1 Pick the right eye makeup remover based on your false eyelashes.
Oil-based eye makeup removers are usually effective at dissolving eyelash glue. However, if you want to reuse your false eyelashes, it's best to choose an oil-free formula makeup remover. The oil left on your false lashes can make it difficult for the lash glue to stick to the stalk again.


2 Dip a cotton swab into some eye makeup remover.
Most eye makeup removers are gentle, but some can irritate your eyes. To avoid makeup remover getting into your eyes, it's best to use a cotton swab so you can avoid makeup remover running around. Soak the swab with makeup remover, but don't let the liquid drip down.

Some cosmetic brands sell makeup remover specifically for eyelash glue, but normal eye makeup remover will also remove eyelash glue.


3Wipe the cotton swab along the eyelash stalk on your eyelid.
Dip a cotton swab full of makeup remover and gently rub it along the seam between your false eyelashes and your eyelid so that the remover can penetrate the seam and weaken the stickiness of the lash adhesive.


4 Let the makeup remover stay on the eyelid for a few minutes.
Sometimes the remover needs to stay on for a while to completely dissolve the lash adhesive, allowing it to stay on the stalk for 1-3 minutes to ensure that it loses its stickiness.


5 Remove from the outer edge of the false eyelashes.
When you feel the false lashes loosen, place your finger flat on your eyelid and pull up slightly to tense the skin, then gently remove the false lashes by gripping them with your finger or tweezers.


6 Then wipe a cotton swab along the lashes and stalk.
Even after you remove the false lashes, there may still be residual glue on your eyelids and stems. Dip the other end of the swab in makeup remover and rub it along the eyelid and lash stalk to reduce the stickiness of the glue residue.


7 Peel off any residual glue from the lashes.
Apply more eye makeup remover and you should be able to peel off the remaining glue with your fingers. If it's still sticky, apply more makeup remover and repeat the process.


8 Wipe off any makeup remover left on your skin and wash your face.
After removing the glue, some makeup remover may remain. Wipe off the excess with a cotton pad, then cleanse your skin thoroughly with your favorite cleanser.


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