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Dissolve Eyelash Glue with Essential Oils

Dissolve Eyelash Glue with Essential Oils

How do I remove my eyelash extensions? Eyelash extensions are the easiest and quickest way to have long eyelashes. Nowadays, eyelash extensions are very mature, but they are semi-permanent glue that is used to attach artificial eyelashes to natural eyelashes, so you have to be careful when removing them, because not handling them carefully enough may tear off your natural eyelashes as well. So many people don't know how to remove eyelash extensions every week, so here's an explanation of how to remove eyelash extensions.


Dissolve eyelash glue with essential oils

1. Dip a cotton ball into the essential oil of your choice and gently rub it in. Essential oils are usually effective at breaking down eyelash glue. You can use coconut oil, almond oil, extra virgin olive oil or baby lotion. Saturate a cotton ball with the essential oil, but don't let the liquid drip off.

You can use a cotton swab instead of a cotton ball if you wish.

Essential oils are gentler than eye makeup remover and they are also very moisturizing, so this method is suitable for people with sensitive eyes and dry skin under the eyes.

If you have oily skin or are prone to acne, the essential oil makeup remover method may not work well for you because the oil may clog your pores. For people with oily skin, using essential oils may grow very painful wheals.

Remember that after using essential oils, the eyelash glue will have a hard time sticking to the stalk, so if you want to reuse your false eyelashes, you should change your makeup removal method.

2. Press a cotton ball onto the lash stalk and hold for a few minutes. Press the cotton ball against the lash stalk to allow the essential oil to touch the lash glue and weaken the adhesive. Keep it as close as possible to the seam between the eyelid and the lash stalk for 1-3 minutes, or until you feel the false eyelashes loosen up.

3. Remove from the outer edge of the false eyelash. When you feel the false eyelashes loosen, gently grip the outer edge of the false eyelashes with your fingers or tweezers. Remove them slowly, being careful not to tug on your own lashes.

4. Wipe off any glue residue with a fresh cotton ball. If you still have glue residue on your eyelid or lash stalk, soak a new cotton ball with essential oil and wipe along your eyelid and/or lash stalk to remove the lash glue.

5. Wipe off any excess oil and wash your face. After removing the lash glue, there may still be some essential oils left on your eyes. Gently wipe off the oils with a cotton pad or ball and then wash off thoroughly with your usual cleanser.


False eyelash removal, like eyelash extensions, requires skill and experience to be done properly. If you don't want to book an eyelash removal service to save time and choose to remove your own extensions, it is most likely that the process and technique will be incorrect, resulting in poor eyelash removal. So we strongly recommend go to salon and find a professional lash artist to do this.

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