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What is an Eyelash Spa

What is an Eyelash Spa

SPA refers to the use of water resources, so that people in the bath or massage to apply care products and aromatherapy to promote metabolism, so that people experience the process of physical and mental pleasure.

One of the most popular among women is the facial spa. It has many benefits, not only to relieve various facial skin diseases, but also to soften the skin and improve the firmness of the facial skin. Especially in the winter time, doing facial spa can make the blood circulation and make the face naturally rosy.

So have you ever done an eyelash spa? The lash spa is a deep cleansing of our eyelashes, eyelash roots and eyelids after eyelash extensions. Then people will ask, is it necessary to do a spa for eyelashes?

Everyone wants to have a pair of big beautiful eyes. Nowadays, eyelash extensions are generally accepted by the public. What comes along with that is to make the process of extensions more perfect. The customer's experience is more comfortable.

First of all, let's talk about the function of the eyelash spa

  • Deep cleaning of the eyelash roots before extensions
  • Enhance the lasting power of eyelash extensions
  • After eyelash extensions, the adhesion of the black glue is improved.


Then, we will explain the basic process of eyelash spa, and you will have a clear understanding of it.

1. Prepare a special cleansing mousse for eyelash extensions, which can be contained in glassware.

2. Squeeze out the appropriate amount to cover the entire eye (not too much, in order not to see the eyelashes as the main), if the foam disappears quickly, it means that the guests have a lot of oil in the eyes, because the cleansing mousse can absorb oil! At this point, you can wipe it off and then apply the cleansing mousse again to achieve complete cleaning.

3. After 30 seconds (dissolving time), use a high-density disposable cotton swab to sweep outward from the root of the eyelashes, then sweep from the root to the left and right and the lower eyelids should be clean. This is a reminder to use a high-density cotton swab that does not hook the lint, so that the lint does not remain or hook into the customer's eyelashes, creating an uncomfortable feeling.

4. Wipe the cleansing mousse on the eyes with a non-cropped washcloth with water.

5. Next, clean the eyelashes and the eyelash roots and eyelid area with a protein remover.

6. Clean thoroughly and blow dry with a fan for eyelash implants.

7. Comb with a mascara brush to tidy up.

Okay, our eyelash spa is done, don't look at it as a small process, it's not a small role for eyelash extensions! Our pores secrete a lot of oil, but the oil affects the polymerization of the eyelash gel. If we don't clean thoroughly, the oil secretion may cause us to grow fatty grains under our eyes. It will also affect the adhesion of the eyelash glue during the process of extensions. It will speed up eyelash shedding. This will reduce the satisfaction level of our customers. Then our eyelash spa can effectively improve these conditions.

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