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Eyelash Extensions Keep Falling Down

Eyelash Extensions Keep Falling Down

Eyelash extensions are super easy to use and look great on your face, but the most torturous part is that every eyelash loss is like a loss of money. In fact, if you take good care of your eyelash extensions, you can not only slow down the rate of loss, but also maintain the integrity of your eyelash extensions and make them last longer.

Makeup remover instead of oil
Use a cotton swab with a tighter pressure to clean the makeup in the space between the lashes.

Keeping your lashes dry is the most important thing
After washing your face, take a cotton swab to absorb the moisture from the roots of your eyelashes, or fold a tissue and place it on the top and bottom of your eyelashes to absorb excess moisture and keep the adhesive on top dry so it won't come off easily.

Absorb excess oil
After morning and evening maintenance, gently press the tissue under the eye area to absorb excess oil so that excess moisturizer around the eye area does not affect the effectiveness of the eyelash extensions.

Use a lash comb to clean up the flow of hair
If your eyelashes get messy after waking up or washing your face in the morning, you can brush them with a lash comb to smooth out the flow of hairs so that they don't get tangled and fall off.

Don't use brute force to deal with tangles
If you feel that your lashes are tangled or stuck, don't try to pull them off with your bare hands, as this may cause the whole handful of lashes and your original lashes to fall off, leaving a hole.

If you feel that one side of your eyelashes is falling out especially fast, you can check if you sleep on the same side and switch to sleeping on your back so that the shape of your eyelashes is not compressed.


If you prefer wear false lashes, there are also five tips about how to curl your lashes and keep them last long.

Curled eyelash tip 1: Use a powder base
Note for those with oily eyelids! You can use a small brush with a small amount of transparent powder to lightly sweep it on your eyelashes, which will take away the residual powder and oil on your eyelashes.

Curl eyelash tip 2: Use a lash primer
A mascara primer for eyelashes can really set a good base for eyelashes, improve the situation of mascara clumping, maintain the curl of eyelashes, enhance the durability, and also increase the density of eyelashes, creating a natural curl of thick eyelashes, eye power instantly full!

Create curled eyelashes tip 3: Vaseline to define the eyelashes
The versatile petroleum jelly is not only useful for makeup and daily life, but also has a defining effect on eyelashes! Use a brow brush and a small amount of petroleum jelly to coat your eyelashes before curling them, the curl will look like you've just done keratinase even without mascara!

Create curled eyelashes tip 4: Heat the curler
It's okay if you don't have an eyelash curler! Just like an electric curling iron, you can use a hair dryer for 10-15 seconds to heat up the curler to keep the lashes at a certain temperature, but avoid too much heat for a longer lasting curl.

Curl tip 5: Use cotton swabs
Prepare a cotton swab and a lighter and use the lighter to heat up one end of the swab, remembering to keep it at a safe distance! Use the slightly heated end of the cotton swab to bring the eyelashes up from the middle of the eyelashes to achieve the effect of burning them.

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