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Best Way to Curl Your Lashes

Best Way to Curl Your Lashes

The essence of sophisticated eye makeup lies in the eyelashes! If you want to curl your eyelashes with distinct, curled and non-collapsing "sunflower lashes", not only is the curling technique important, but you also need to choose the right eyelash curler and mascara. 5 magic tips for curling eyelashes and 10 recommended eyelash curlers and mascaras, learn how to make your eyelashes last and never collapse again!


If you want to be good at what you do, you have to be good at what you do! Guide to the correct use of eyelash curler and mascara

To have the perfect curves, in addition to choosing the right product for your eye shape, it is also important to learn the correct usage and maintenance methods in order to get the most out of your eyelash styling tools!


How to choose an eyelash curler according to your eye shape
People with more convex eyes should choose a curved eyelash curler, while those with flatter eyes or single eyelids should choose a curved curler with less curvature. If you have flat eyes, a curved curler will make it difficult to get to the root of the eyelash, but it will be easier to pinch the flesh. If you have a flat eye shape or single eyelids, you should choose a thinner curler to make it easier to curl your eyelashes!


The correct way to curl eyelashes
The secret to curling eyelashes is the "root - middle - end" three-stage process, with a light curl at the root, a light curl in the center, and finally a light curl at the end.


It's important to maintain your eyelash curler regularly
Many people often neglect to maintain their eyelash curlers, which are prone to makeup stains and eyelash oils. If not cleaned regularly, the stains attached to the curler will weaken the staying power, make the styling effect less effective, and also make it easy for bacteria to grow! The eyelash curler adhesive strip also needs to be replaced frequently so that the elasticity of the curler will not become fatigued due to prolonged use.


The correct way to brush mascara
If you want to have beautiful eyelash curves, you should not keep brushing your mascara over and over again! Before brushing your mascara, use a mascara brush to organize the flow of hairs, brush the mascara from the root of the lashes in a Z shape upwards, and then hold the brush vertically and brush the lashes upwards, so that every inch of the lashes are brushed evenly. You can fan out vertically at the head and tail of the eye to lengthen the lashes and create a more curled effect ~ be patient and take care of every detail so your lashes don't get rough and tangled together!


Use this to extend the life of your mascara
Do you always feel that every time you buy mascara, it dries up so quickly? When using mascara, do not pull the brush out at once, but slowly rotate the bottle to prevent too much air from entering the bottle and put it in by rotating it to prevent the mascara from drying out quickly.

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