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What Causes Eyelash Extensions to Fall off Easily?

What Causes Eyelash Extensions to Fall off Easily?

What causes eyelash extensions to fall off easily? 

Poorly cleaned real eyelashes; false eyelashes and real eyelashes do not fit perfectly; the eyelash technician is not skilled enough; and the wrong type of false eyelashes are chosen. All of these reasons can cause false eyelashes to fall off and affect our eyelash results. If the real eyelashes are not completely cleaned, the extensions and the real eyelashes will not fit perfectly and will easily fall off.

So before getting your eyelash extensions, make sure to clean your real eyelashes thoroughly, not just with water of course, but with a professional eyelash cleaning solution.

Next, you can wipe the roots of your eyelashes with a cotton pad soaked in the cleaning solution, taking care to wipe in one direction a few more times. You should also wash your hands before cleaning your eyelashes to remove any dirt on them.

False eyelashes and real eyelashes don't fit together perfectly, which is one of the main reasons why eyelashes fall off. To get real and false eyelashes to fit together, you need more than just good technique, you need to choose a strong adhesive instead of a poor quality product.

Also pay extra attention when removing makeup from your eyes after eyelash extensions, don't use makeup remover oil to remove eye makeup as it will dissolve the glue and make the false eyelashes fall off, just choose a special eye makeup remover. In addition, when choosing the type of false eyelashes, you should choose according to your own real eyelashes, not blindly choose too long ones. Real eyelashes have a certain weight-bearing capacity. In addition, if you need eyelash extensions, it is best to choose a professional beauty salon rather than choosing a skilled eyelash artist for cheap.


Do more eyelash extensions make you look better?

No, not really.

Although thicker eyelashes can make your eyes look more beautiful, the more eyelash extensions you get, the better. Too many eyelash extensions are glued on top of the real eyelashes, so if there are too many, the real eyelashes will break because they are too heavy. And too many thick lashes do not look naturally beautiful.

Although many people are not born with thick and long eyelashes, there are a variety of techniques available to compensate for this deficiency, such as eyelash implants and eyelash extensions.

Although they work the same way, there are some differences in other areas. Eyelash extensions are not as long lasting as eyelash implants because they require the implantation of hair roots in the hair follicles to allow them to grow, while extensions are false eyelashes glued to real eyelashes, and while both have the effect of thicker eyelashes, extensions tend to fall off.

Although thicker eyelashes look great, the more eyelash extensions you have, the better the result. Too many eyelashes can make our eyelashes look unnatural and abrupt, so it is important to choose the right amount of eyelash extensions, within a reasonable range that will give the eyelashes a thicker effect without causing too much damage to the real eyelashes.

After the eyelash extensions are applied, it is important to keep an eye on them, because real eyelashes have a growth cycle and will fall off, so will the false eyelashes that are glued to them, so they need to be repaired regularly, for about a month.

Also, be careful not to rub your eyes with your hands to avoid losing your eyelashes due to external force. Eyelash extensions can also become messy when you sleep or after certain activities. You can use an eyelash comb to gently comb out the messy lashes, but be careful to keep your strength low to avoid losing them.

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