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Reasons Uncomfortable After Getting Eyelash Extensions

Reasons Uncomfortable After Getting Eyelash Extensions

Some people may feel uncomfortable after applying eyelash extensions, Many people think it's normal to have a foreign body feeling after eyelash extensions, but in fact that's completely abnormal, so if blinking hurts or feels tense, you should pay attention to it, most likely caused by improper operation of the eyelash instructor. there are so many reason causes of uncomfortable eyelash extensions.

1. When operating, the false eyelash extensions are in the wrong position, touching the skin at the root of the eyelashes
2. When operating, too much of the black teaching remains at the root of the eyelashes, blocking the pores
3. The false eyelashes get caught in the eyelid because of the heavy hand.
4. The eyelashes stick to each other, causing them to pull each other when growing.


But the key factor is the lash glue. Too much of the lash extensions glue is left at the base of the eyelashes during the operation, resulting in blocked pores, or too heavy-handed and the false eyelashes get caught in the eyelids.Drip glue out of the molding degree: into a round best, not shaped quality is not good. Glue taste and stimulation: the more no taste persist for a shorter time, but do not taste too strong, low taste and low stimulation, grafting is not spicy eyes can be.


Some eyelash extensions are processed from animal hair and are not thoroughly disinfected, which can easily affect the health of your eyes and cause redness and swelling. Eyelash extensions use a strong glue such as 502, which can be very harmful to the eyes. I suggest you go to the hospital for a checkup to see if they are okay. Otherwise remove them, the long-term discomfort will cause uveitis. It feels like it affects normal visual function, so I suggest removing the false eyelashes.


Precautions after eyelash extensions

1. Avoid washing your face with water for about 6 hours after the extensions, and avoid strenuous exercise, sauna, swimming, yoga and other sports that make you sweat easily for 24 hours.
2. Avoid using oily cleansers, skin care products, makeup remover oils, etc. Oily ingredients can easily penetrate the eyelash bonding area and dissolve the black glue, causing the eyelashes to fall off prematurely.
3. Do not rub your eyes after extensions, you should clean them with your fingers horizontally from the top and bottom of your eyelids.
4. Avoid sleeping on your stomach or with your eyelashes against a pillow or wearing an eye mask, as prolonged pressure will distort your eyelashes and affect their durability.
5. Avoid using eyelash curlers and use special mascara if you need to use mascara.
6. Eyelash physiological cycle, 30 days is normal, maintenance and individual physiology varies from person to person, free repair within 10 days.

7. Eyelashes have a growth and shedding period, the eyelash extensions will fall off with your own eyelashes, the remaining eyelashes are poorly shaped, do not pull them yourself, forcibly remove them will damage the original eyelashes and hurt the hair follicles, professional removal can be used.

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