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How to Keep Lashes Curled

How to Keep Lashes Curled

How to make your eyelashes curl 1: Cotton swabs

There are many ways to use cotton swabs to make your eyelashes curl. The easiest is to use a cotton swab to hold the mascara in a curved position after applying it, so that when the mascara is finished, it will be well defined and the eyelashes will maintain a more natural curl.

However, another use of cotton swabs is better than this, which is to use a lighter to bake the cotton swab position with fire, so that it becomes black with temperature but not burning, this time to take advantage of the temperature of the cotton swab used to gently from the root of the eyelashes, pressure on the eyelashes to manage an arc, the eyelashes will be presented because of the temperature of the cotton swab curl effect and very long-lasting, but this method is also more dangerous need to control the temperature of the cotton swab However, this method is also dangerous and requires a good control of the temperature of the swab, and you should be careful not to accidentally hurt your eyes.

Curl your eyelashes two: toothbrush

Use a toothbrush to create a long-lasting natural eyelash curl, soak a clean toothbrush in hot water for a while and drain the water with a paper towel or towel, before applying mascara use the toothbrush to brush from the root of the eyelashes, gently smooth the eyelashes to the tip of the eyelashes, brush to the tip of the shape to maintain the curvature, while the toothbrush is warm you can brush more curl effect will be better, brush and then apply mascara After that, you can apply mascara.

You need to be careful when using the toothbrush to choose a clean one, and to avoid irritation or even damage to the eyeballs during use.

How to make your eyelashes curl 3: Spoon

You can also use a spoon to curl your eyelashes. Soak the spoon in hot water for a few minutes to get the temperature right, then hold the spoon on your eyelid with the convex side up, then press it down on the spoon with your hand from the root of your eyelashes, hold it for about ten seconds and take it off and your eyelashes will become curled.

This method requires control of the temperature of the spoon, too hot may stimulate the eye skin and fingers, not hot enough eyelash curl may not be enough, and you need to use stainless steel thin spoon, the traditional porcelain spoon is not such an effect.

How to curl eyelashes 4: Heating the eyelash curler

If you don't have an ordinary eyelash curler, you can also heat it up to make your eyelashes more curly and last longer.

How to make your eyelashes longer

The first thing you can do is to apply your eyelashes with overnight tea before going to bed, which will promote the growth of thicker eyelashes. Of course this is a very old method and the effect is slow, but if you persist you will see the effect of longer eyelashes. There is also vitamin E that you can buy at the drugstore, in this case you can use it to coat your eyelashes before going to bed, in this case it will also make your eyelashes long and thick. Another method is to use a professional eyelash growth solution. Long-term use of eyelash growth serum can also make eyelashes longer and more beautiful.

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