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Use Lash Glue Properly

Use Lash Glue Properly

Here are common lash extensins glue in the market. 

Quick-drying in 1 second, also called light speed glue

12 seconds quick drying

Quick drying in 2 seconds (Fix in one second, fix in two seconds)

Quick-drying glue

3 seconds quick drying

3-5 seconds

Low taste, low irritation, low sensitivity, firmness 45-60 days


As shown above:

Glue is generally divided into odorless glue and low-odor, low-irritation glue. Skilled eyelash artists recommend using 1-2 seconds or 2 seconds quick-drying glue. Novice eyelash artists recommend using 2 seconds quick-drying or 3 seconds quick-drying. Depending on personal choice, I personally prefer 2 seconds quick-drying, one second fits two seconds fixed. 3-5 seconds glue is not recommended, because it will increase our time cost.

Advice on choosing glue

Don’t buy cheap ones. Don’t choose the ones with cents store. If you use them on the mannequin, it’s okay. If you are new to lash artist must pay attention when choosing the lash glue. Whether you buy fast drying or slow drying, I suggest buy slow drying. We have talked about an article about durability. After two seconds, the viscosity will decrease and then stick it on. It is also a pseudo-adhesive and it will fall off after a few washes.

Eyelash extensions glue is generally 5Ml and 10Ml. What I use for eyelash glue is that all aspects of stability, irritation, firmness, and allergies must be taken into account. Generally, 10Ml is more affordable. The method of use is in place and it will not cause waste.

How to use glue correctly in summer to increase durability

It is recommended to change at least 3 drops of glue an hour and the drops of glue cannot be mixed. Refuse to use the same eyelash to take the glue repeatedly, do not use it after more than twice; be sure to divide the hair and then take the glue, otherwise you take the glue and wait until the hair is divided and the glue is dry.

The best storage temperature of the glue is 25-28 degree centigrade. It is recommended that the air conditioner be adjusted to 25 degrees in hot weather, and do not blow directly at the air outlet. The choice of glue should match your grafting speed and customary methods. After each glue is taken, the remaining air must be squeezed out of the glue wiping port.

Don’t be afraid to waste this glue. There are many self-taught students who asked me to study before. When the glue port is blocked, the whole bottle is waste. Generally, it is stored in a sealed bag or a plastic storage tank. A good habit can save time, effort and money.

Here's a complete guide on how to choose lasu glue properly please click this picture for more information. 

lash glue

Misunderstandings in the use of eyelash glue:

1. Do not put the eyelash glue moisture device in other smaller or larger containers, because the original eyelash glue is professionally proportioned, and it is easy to cause proportion errors during the dispensing process, which will affect the quality of the vinyl.
2. Do not place the eyelash glue upside down, horizontally and obliquely. Improper placement will also cause the eyelash glue to easily block the mouth of the bottle or flow out of the bottle.
3. Do not leave any residual glue in the mouth of the eyelash glue bottle, because the residual glue will make the eyelash glue in the bottle difficult to pour out and damage the mouth of the bottle.
4. When taking it out of the refrigerator, remember to return to normal temperature, otherwise the water molecules produced during the de-icing process will easily deteriorate the eyelash glue.


Summary: The choice of glue should be based on our applying speed, and we must be proficient in grafting techniques. It is recommended to use quick-drying glue in 2 seconds, fit in one second, and fix in two seconds.