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Four Important Tips when Applying Eyelash Extensions

Four Important Tips when Applying Eyelash Extensions

Four Important Tips when Applying Eyelash Extensions


As eyelash extensions artists, we always want to attach perfect lash extensions for our clients. And hope the lashes extension does not fall off prematurely. To avoid this situation, many lash extension artists feel confused and frustrated. Continue to read this blog to get the key lash attachment and placement tips for clients.


First tip: The 90-degree rule.

The 90-degree rules simply mean that each eyelash extension should be placed at a 90-degree angle.

Make sure you attach the lash extension at a 90-degree from the eyelid Instead of following the natural lashes direction or your body position towards the client. The direction shouldn’t be the same as the natural lash has, not the angle of 90-degree to the eyelid, and most importantly never towards the nose!

When the lash extension is placed at a wider angle than 90-degree on the inner corner, not only it doesn’t look flattering but also it can cause discomfort to the customer.


Second tip: The direction you attach the lash extensions.

There are no rules of the direction to attach the lash extensions. Attaching the lash extensions from the top, side, and bottom each have advantages for you.

The most common and popular method is the top attach method. That is especially well for straight and downward natural lashes.

The advantage of the side attachment method is can makes the lashes extension look fluffy and wonderful. This works to suit the client with not enough natural lashes.

The bottom attaches method is the second most popular attachment method after the top attachment. This works especially well on clients with upward-looking and curly natural lashes.

Therefore, we should accord clients natural lashes characteristics to decide which method is well.


Third tip: The distance from eyelid

Please always make sure you place the lash extension on the natural lash at the same distance from the eyelid. And It should be no more than 0.5 – 0.6 mm.

If the lash extension is placed too close to the skin, the glue can seep into the skin and cause pain. This can be extremely uncomfortable and may even lead to swelling, redness, and puffiness to the eye area.

If the lashes are attached too far out along the natural lash, it leaves a visible gap. When this happens, dirt and oils can become trapped underneath the lash extension. As a result, the lashes can fall off prematurely.


The last tip: The spare time for lash extensions

When you attach the extension, do not touch it for at least 30 seconds. Instead of moving on to the next lash, switch over to another area or the other eye in order not to spoil the direction of the freshly glued extension.



There are plenty of other options as well, but these 4 tips are the easiest to learn, and it usually looks better than others as it hides flaws due to the smooth transition and allows filling the gaps perfectly.

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