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Remove Lash Exensions Safely

Remove Lash Exensions Safely

Generally speaking, the eyelashes should be removed after keeping them on the eyes for about 4-6 weeks. This will not affect the health of the original eyelashes, but also keep the eyelash styles in the best condition. As a result, the applied eyelashes on the eyes remained for 2 months without removing them.

Even eyelash artists are proud of the "super long-lasting style" and feel that their skills are good and the styles they make are very durable. This concept is actually undesirable. Some customers did not take care of the eyelashes according to the instructions of the eyelash artist after applying the eyelashes. In addition to messing up the eyelashes and affecting the beauty, it can also make the eyelashes contaminated with dust and bacteria, which affects the health of the guests themselves.

Usually, the growth cycle of eyelashes is one month. Grafted eyelashes are generally retained in the human body for about 28 days. They will fall off with their own eyelashes, because the natural fall-off of their own eyelashes, cleaning and daily eye contact will shorten the life of grafted eyelashes and increase it. Human eyelashes are burdened, causing abnormal eyelashes to fall off. If you want to stay as beautiful as you just finished doing it for a long time, you should go to the beauty salon for regular repairs.

Here are how to remove eyelashes correctly.

1. Use the eye pad to stick to the curved line of the eyelid and stick to the lower eyelashes.

2. Prepare two nano cotton swabs, one to hold down the hair peak, one to dip a small amount of lash extensions removal, use the lash remover to take an appropriate amount of paste, and apply it to the root of the glue by rotating it inward. Internal rotation.

(The difference between the gel lash removing and cream lash remover is: the lash removing gel is fluid and cannot be placed on the eyelashes to prevent it from flowing into the eyes.)

Note: cream and gel cannot get into the eyes, otherwise the eyes of the customer will hurt like pepper water!!

3. Use the eyelash removing stick to apply to one eye first, and then apply to the other eye (because the degumming time of the paste is 3-5 minutes)

4. Gently rub the eyelashes after application, the purpose is to let the remover penetrate better and remove the grafted eyelashes faster.

5. You can hold the cleansing cotton in your left hand, and gently remove the eyelashes with the dolphin tweezers in your right hand, and put the removed eyelashes on the cleansing cotton.

After removal, there is a very important step. Be sure to use dolphin tweezers to scrape off the remaining lashes at the root, so that it will not turn white during the final cleaning. You can see that there is black glue on the remaining mascara. .

6. After scraping, remove the eyelash removal pad, pay attention to a small detail, use your fingers to lift the eyelid and then slowly remove it, so that the removal cream will not get on the upper eyelid.

7. Dip the cleansing liquid with a cotton swab on a paper roll, and clean from the root to prevent the residual mascara from getting on the eyelids.

8. Dip a cotton cloth into the cleanser and wipe the eyelashes 360° to completely clean it.

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