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Can I exercise while wearing eyelash extensions?

Can I exercise while wearing eyelash extensions?

Can I exercise while wearing eyelash extensions?


Exercising has become an integral part of our lives, and women love to look glam even while they swim, dance, or lift weights. “Can I do exercise while wearing eyelash extensions?” It is one of the many questions people ask after getting eyelash extensions. And when ask ourselves to choose between beauty and exercise, it would be difficult for us to decide.


We can do some exercises while wearing eyelash extensions but need to remember those suggestions.

  1. Stick to the first 24-hour rule

When we have finished eyelash extensions applications, your lash artist will do is inform you to avoid getting your lashes wet for the first 24 hours. About the first 24 hours after getting eyelash extensions, it means avoid bathing, water contact, or washing your face. The first 24-hour is crucial for the lash glue to cure completely. When exposed to too much moisture, the drying time reduces. It ultimately weakens the adhesive bonding, leading to poor lash retention.

  1. Protect your eyelash extension before going to the gym

Avoid using oil-based moisturizers and makeup before any workout activity. Sweating may cause these products to drip from the forehead and seep into your lashes. The oil from these products will cause the extensions to clump together, leading to poor retention and premature loss.

          (Fadlash Eyelash Extensions Coating )

To protect our lashes extensions, we use a lashes sealer to seal your lashes 30- minutes before your workout session. The eyelash sealer helps to create a barrier between the lash glue and sweat, thus safeguarding your eyelash extensions from sliding off.

  1. Stay away from hot showers or yoga

Hot environments cause lashes extension loss quickly and soften the bond created by the lash glue. Hot yoga or hot showers can be detrimental to the life of your eyelash extensions. If you are a fan of hot showers, bring down the heat and keep the water from falling directly on your lash extensions. You can wash your face in the sink with cold water to prevent yourself from battling faster lash loss.

  1. Don’t rub your eyes 

It is common that the sweats around the faces when we do some exercise in the gym. We often have an unintentional habit of wiping our faces with a towel or hand. When wearing lash extensions, rubbing them harshly or excessively, may causing them to fall out. 

  1. Please remember daily clean your lashes.

(Fadlash Eyelash Extensions Aftercare Kit)

After your workout, use an oil-free cleanser to remove the salt and sweat residue from your lashes, and do this every night before bed to keep your lashes looking fabulous in their most natural and healthiest nature.

You can’t afford to neglect the clean-up phase, no matter what type of workout you do. If you don’t clean your extensions with a lash-extensions friendly cleanser, they’ll be gone quickly before you know it. You should perform it as soon as you finish your workout; the longer you wait, the more damage your extensions will suffer from the salt and oil from sweat.

And daily cleaning is important to your lash aftercare. That can protect our lashes from infection, keep your lash healthy and make your eyelash extensions last longer.





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